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If you're readying yourself to take the CFA exam and become a Chartered Financial Analyst, Varsity Tutors can help you get your studies on track with a Madison CFA prep course. In order to be eligible to take the exam, you'll have to have already earned a bachelor's degree or have four years of work experience. So, whether you're studying at University of Wisconsin, Edgewood College, or another area school, or if you're a working professional, a Madison CFA course may be just what you need to study effectively.

What will I study in a Madison CFA class?

The CFA Institute's charter is intended to give you a solid base in investment analysis and portfolio management in the real world, so the testing is extensive. The precise curriculum of the test changes every exam cycle, but the test always focuses on the same set of topics which includes concepts like Quantitative Methods, Corporate Finance, and Equity Investments. While the breadth and the depth of the content that the test covers may seem intimidating at first glance, a Madison CFA course can help you break down these concepts section by section so you can ensure that you have a solid understanding of the foundation of financial analysis.

The exam is broken up into three parts, Levels I, II, and III, which must be taken in sequence. Level I is made up of six hours of multiple choice questions, Level II will be a set of vignettes or case statements that you'll have to respond to, and Level III will require you to respond to a mix of vignettes and essay questions. All levels of the CFA exam are pass/fail. Although content material is probably your foremost concern as you prepare for the CFA exam, you shouldn't neglect your test-taking skills. The tests are lengthy, and maintaining your focus and pacing yourself for long periods of time can be difficult. Your Madison CFA course instructor can explain the structure and scoring methods used on the test, so you can develop test-taking strategies that are effective for you.

How will a Madison CFA course be presented?

If you choose to enroll, you'll gain access to an online collaborative classroom where you'll work alongside other prospective CFAs under the tutelage of a professional CFA exam teacher. Thanks to video chat technology, you'll be able to see and speak with the rest of the class so you can learn just as you would in a traditional classroom. Your instructor can teach lessons and go over the concepts behind financial analysis, and can also lead the class in group discussions and activities. Working with peers in this way has been shown to help students learn new material, and can help you remember class content long-term. You can also be exposed to diverse perspectives on financial analysis by your classmates which can shine a new light on difficult subjects. You'll be able to share your own strengths with the class too, helping your classmates come to terms with ideas that you've already got a firm grasp on which can be a great way to deepen your existing understanding.

An online class has some logistical advantages too. For one thing, you'll be put in control of your own study space. You can connect to your class from anywhere that you have internet access so you can study from somewhere that you feel comfortable, productive, and free of distractions. Plus, by allowing you to access your class from an environment of your choosing, an online Madison CFA class can save you time and money, as you won't have to worry about squeezing another commute into your busy day. Online teaching can provide some flexibility when it comes to scheduling, too, as you'll be able to choose from a range of class times and find the class that's right for you.

How can I get signed up?

If you give Varsity Tutors a call, you'll be able to speak with one of our educational consultants, who can give you more details about what you'll experience in a Madison CFA class. You can discuss your needs, your schedule, and find a class that works for you. You may see success on the CFA exam as your most immediate goal, but you should consider what else test preparation can do for you as well. As the test is specifically designed to assess the same skills you'll need to succeed should you become a Chartered Financial Analyst, thorough preparation may pay off further down the line as well. Reach out today, and you could be putting yourself on a path to pursue a career as a CFA.

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