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Whether you are a student at DuPont Manual High School, Saint Xavier High School, or another local school, Varsity Tutors can help you find the right Louisville SAT preparation solution for your academic needs. Our classes give you the chance to work in a virtual classroom with an instructor and peers. If you want a more personalized experience, we can also help you connect with a skilled private tutor.

Many students do not realize the impact their SAT scores can have on their academic future. Admissions officials use these scores to help them determine who to accept. Scoring well on the SAT could be a factor in improving your chances of admission to your school of choice. Continue reading to learn more about what academic skills are covered on the SAT and how professional SAT preparation services can help you feel ready on exam day.

What can Louisville SAT prep cover?

Both of our Louisville SAT prep solutions can help you review for the core areas of the SAT which include Math, Writing and Language, Reading, and an optional Essay section. Within each subject area, a variety of skills are measured, and your score will be broken down to reflect some of these skill sets.

The Math section of the SAT evaluates your ability to assess your problem solving, analytical, and algebraic skills. It also measures your ability to comprehend and solve mathematical expressions. Some portions of the Math section allow the use of a calculator while others do not. As you prepare, it is important to know when you may be required to relinquish your calculator and also what calculators are allowed. You can earn between 200 and 800 points on this section of the SAT.

The scores for the Writing and Language and Reading sections of the SAT are combined. Between the two you can earn between 200 and 800 points. The Writing and Language section of the SAT measures your mastery of sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and other written English skills such as understanding words through context. The Reading section of the SAT evaluates your reading comprehension, reasoning skills, and answering questions from passages which may include graphics, tables, and charts.

You will have three hours to finish the core areas of the test. You will have an additional 50 minutes if you decide to include the Essay section. However, it's important to note that you do not have the power to determine how the first three hours are spent. Each segment of the test has its own time limitations, and if you finish early in one, you are not allowed to use the remaining time to review your previous work or start early on the next section. Your score for the Essay section can range between 6 and 24 points.

What are the benefits of taking a Louisville SAT prep course?

As you begin to prepare for the SAT, it's vital to remember that time management should play a significant role in your testing strategy. You must carefully manage your time as you go through each segment of the exam if you want to have ample time to answer all of the questions. There is no penalty for making an educated guess as to the correct answer; but if you fail to answer, there could be unfavorable scoring consequences. Working with skilled instructors as you prepare for the exam can assist you in improving your time management techniques.

You can choose to enroll in a two or four-week course. Both courses are made up of individual segments, and new segments begin each week. This modular design allows you to get started quickly so you can work towards your goals at a pace that best fits your life.

The courses are all taught in a secure online classroom setting. This environment will familiar as it has a similar structure to a physical classroom. Your instructor will present information to the class as a whole and may then facilitate group discussions or projects, so students have the opportunity to work collaboratively together.

Joining a course is a great way to make sure you review all pertinent information which may be covered on the SAT in a supportive environment. If you aren't sure where to even begin in your preparations, a course will help you stay focused and on task.

How is working with a Louisville SAT tutor different from taking a class?

Working with a personal tutor has several different benefits that are not available when you take a Louisville SAT prep class. In a classroom setting the instructor must deliver the curriculum in a prescribed way, so that all of the material on the SAT is covered evenly. While this is great for a general review if you only have one or two areas you need to study it can prolong the process. When you work with a private instructor you can focus only on the content you need to explore personally.

By working with a personal tutor, you have an instructor who can take the time to get to know your personality, academic style, and learning needs. When they create your lessons, they can do so with the information they need to make it a truly custom learning experience.

Finally, working with a personal instructor gives you more choices as to when you schedule your study sessions. In a class, you are limited to when the class is offered, and this may or may not accommodate your busy schedule. When you schedule sessions with your private instructor, you can choose times throughout the week as well as the weekend during the day or in the evening. With private instruction, you have the freedom to choose those times you know you will be most alert and ready to learn.

How can I get started with Louisville SAT prep?

Varsity Tutors makes it easy to get started with Louisville SAT prep. If you aren't sure if a class or private instruction would work best for your needs, contact us and we can help you find the best fit. If you're ready to prioritize your academic future, taking the time to prepare correctly for the SAT is a great place to start. Contact Varsity Tutors today to learn more and begin sessions quickly.

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