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If you have been looking for a good GACE prep course to help you improve your study skills, Varsity Tutors offers private GACE classes worth your time. The GACE (or Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators) exams are a series of standardized tests required to earn certification to educate students in the state of Georgia. It was developed through input with current Georgian educators to ensure that all teachers in the state possess the requisite skills to educate students. If you feel that a comprehensive GACE course could help you reach for your professional goals, you've discovered the right page!

The first step discussed in GACE prep classes is figuring out which exams you need to take. Most students need to take the general Program Admission exams in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics, and you may need to take additional exams according to your areas of specialization. The chart below provides more information:


Type Description

Program Admission

Designed to assess knowledge and skills in the areas of reading, mathematics, and writing.
Content The content assessments test knowledge and content skills in specific certification areas. They are required for certification in the state of Georgia.
Certificate Upgrade For educators seeking to achieve the professional level of certification in these fields.
Educational Leadership The Educational Leadership assessment is designed to assess the knowledge and skills needed by educational leaders in Georgia schools.`
Georgia Ethics The Georgia Educator Ethics assessment combines instruction and testing to help educators become familiar with, understand, and apply the Georgia Code of Ethics for Educators.
Paraprofessional The Paraprofessional Assessment measures the reading, writing, and basic math competencies of practicing and prospective paraprofessionals.

As you can see, the GACE exams include both multiple-choice and constructed-response sections. You might want to take practice exams during your GACE class to get a feel for how the test words both types of questions. For example, keywords such as "not" and "except" completely change the meaning of a question, so you'll answer incorrectly if you don't notice them. GACE exams are also administered on a computer, so you might want to review its electronic interface during a GACE course.

Once you have the GACE formatting down, you might want to study specific concepts in your GACE class. The bulleted list below provides some quick information about the concepts on the Program Admission exams:

Example of the Program Admission Reading portion breakdown:

  • paired passages totaling approximately 200 words, followed by 4 to 7 questions
  • long passages of approximately 200 words, with 4 to 7 questions
  • short passages of approximately 100 words, with 2 or 3 questions
  • brief statements followed by a single question

Program Admission Mathematics:

  • Number and Quantity
  • Algebra and Functions
  • Geometry
  • Statistics and Probability

Program Admission Writing:

  • a selected-response section containing 40 questions
  • two essay sections that each require a response based on an essay topic

Of these, many test-takers find the essay questions on the Writing test to be the most daunting. You might review how to outline your thoughts before you try to start writing to ensure that your work flows a logical structure throughout. These exams are timed, so outlining can also prevent you from staring at the page wondering what to say next.

Alternatively, maybe algebra and geometry aren't really your cup of tea. Private GACE courses offer the flexibility to concentrate on whatever you may need to. If you want to spend three entire GACE prep class sessions completing practice problems about algebra, go for it! Your instructor can provide additional problems if you run out.

A private instructor may also be able to design study sessions around your unique needs. For instance, an auditory learner might prefer a lecture-based session format so that they can hear all of the information, while a more visual learner could get more out of incorporating visual aids such as charts and graphs about the same topics.

We also strive to make the test prep process as hassle-free as possible. Our Live Learning Platform facilitates digital study sessions, so you can meet with your instructor without the logistical headache of meeting your instructor in person. We also try to refer every client to an instructor who meets their scheduling needs to minimize the potential for conflicts.

If you're ready to learn more about our GACE prep courses, contact Varsity Tutors today for more info. We look forward to helping you work toward your academic potential!

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