Poets "K"
Lesson plans and teaching resources

John Keats
Links to collections of poetry and teaching ideas.

Jane Kenyon
On this page, links to biography, texts of 35 poems and some audiofiles, and critical commentary.

Poetry of Joyce Kilmer

Serendipitous Personification for Poems
Students read Dickinson's "I like to see it lap the miles" and Joyce Kilmer's "Trees" (copies available on the site). They use those poems as mentor texts to write poems of their own that use personification.

Poems of Condition
In Rudyard Kipling’s poem "If," the author strings together several adverb clauses in order to tell the reader what he or she needs to do to grow up and become "a Man, my son!" While describing all the conditions that need to be met, Kipling finds a balance between contrasting character traits. Students will practice writing poems using the conditional "if" clause while guiding the reader on how to be a certain person.

"The White Man's Burden" by Rudyard Kipling
Text and links to a variety of resources related to the background and interpretations of the poem.

Poetry Reading by Li-Young Lee and David Kirby
Recorded February 7, 2008, at the Library of Congress, this video file is 85 minutes long.

Kenneth Koch
Biography, links to "Talking to Patrizia" and an audio file of the poet reading "One Train May Hide Another."

Yusef Komunyakaa
Lesson plans and teaching resources, including "Facing It."

Ted Kooser
Lesson ideas and teaching resources. Includes "The Abandoned Farmhouse."

Maxine Kumin
Biography and critical commentary. Follow links to a few poems.

Maxine Kumin's "Historic Blacksburg, Virginia"
Summary, commentary, and information about Blacksburg today.

Eleven Poems by Maxine Kumin
Text of 11 poems, including "Historic Blacksburg, Virginia." Adobe Reader required.