English as a New Language
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For teaching materials about idioms, click here.

2-word verbs with "bring"
This high-resolution poster addresses "bring" as a phrasal verb: "bring to," "bring out," "bring on," "bring up," "bring down," and "bring about."

13 Experts Share ESL Learning Advice (Plus Over 70 Online Resources)
Advice and lots of links to good ideas for teaching ESL.

100 Best Resources and Guides for ESL Teachers
As the title suggests, this is a link to a list that ESL teachers may find helpful. It's organized into categories such as "Lesson Plans," "Specifically for Teaching Adults," "Videos and Podcasts," etc.

Activities for ESL Students
More than a thousand activities contributed by teachers. Some can be downloaded; others require Internet access to use.

Adverbs of Frequency
An infographic and explanation of where these adverbs belong in a sentence.

"As Far as a Man Possibly Can" by Damon Runyan
This lesson plan compares/contrasts the events in the story with the events described in Bruce Springsteen's song, "Highway Patrolman." It is designed for English Language Learners; includes a copy of the story and the lyrics to the song, cloze activities, more.

Teaching materials in two formats: Web-based and interactive, or print-out. Lots of animation and attitude to keep things interesting.

Better English: English Exercises
Free online exercises in grammar, vocabulary, business English, spelling, and other aspects of English.

Boggle's World ESL
Free worksheets, lesson plans, and job listings. This site is extensive.

Breaking News English
This site provides international current events stories in "easier" and "harder" versions. Each lesson comes with activities for before, during, and after reading, as well as vocabulary and other support activities.

Center for Adult English Language Acquisition
Links to articles on ESL and the ERIC database of lesson plans and activities.

Common Mistakes
Designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced, this interactive site allows students to practice with frequently misused words. They can compare their results with the other users at the site.

Confusing Verbs
Text and downloadable poster clarifying "make" vs. "do," "refuse" vs. "deny," "say" vs. "tell," "stay" vs. "remain," "sit," "seat," and "seated," and "shall" vs. "will."

Crazy animals and other activities for teaching young learners
Free downloadable ebook containing 50 tried and trusted activities which have been refined and improved over the years by teachers working in diverse contexts and environments. Designed for primary/elementary school students.

Easy English On Line
The 200+ free exercises at this site are designed for native speakers of French who are learning English.

Prereading and timeline activities to support the story by Sandra Cisneros. Click on the link at the top. Access requires a word processor.

Emotions - Feelings Word Vocabulary
This graphic presents words related to emotions and organized by how strong the feeling is. Example: glad , cheerful , ecstatic . Printable.

English Adjectives Activity
This page will explain the different types of adjectives and the correct order for them. Scroll down for an interactive practice.

English, Baby!
A wealth of materials focusing on American usage, including slang and cultural materials. Message boards, chat room, movie reviews with built-in language lessons, free newsletter -- this site is very professional and very useful. Registration required (free).

English Daily
Free online resources: exercises, idioms, common abbreviations, slang, proverbs, more.

English Firsthand Cafe
This site features a variety of resources, including a monthly contest for students and bulletin boards where teachers can post questions and receive helpful suggestions.

English Language Listening Lab Online
A variety of audio clips of English native speakers and interactive learning activities.

The English Vocabulary
Lists of English words grouped by category ("vegetables," "sports," "parts of the house"). It is designed for native speakers of Spanish.

An extensive, interactive site for both students and teachers, including jokes that will "translate."

English Page
Extensive grammar resources, games, dictionaries, chat rooms.

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