Ted Kooser
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Biography and Background

Ted Kooser: Online Resources
A collection of links to articles, interviews, text of a few poems, and audio files of the poet reading some of his own works.

"Abandoned Farmhouse"

"Abandoned Farmhouse"
Text of the poem.

"Abandoned Farmhouse"
Pre-reading activity with inferences, text of the poem, comprehension questions, post-reading practice with inferences and analysis. Practice with personification, imagery, sensory detail, diction, tone, alliteration. Work with prepositions, verbs, and synonyms. 20 pages; Adobe Reader required. When you click on the link, the file will download.

"Abandoned Farmhouse"
"Students will practice visualizing, analyzing, and responding to poetic language, including how poets use conventions like imagery, figurative language, and symbols to appeal to both the intellect and the senses." Word processor required for access.

High School English Lesson Plan: Poetry
In this lesson plan students study "Abandoned Farmhouse" using the strategies of visualization and "Save the Last Word for Me." The lesson is designed for high school students.

Other Poems

"Daddy Longlegs"
Watch a 1-minute captioned video of the poet reading his poem. Scroll down for analysis and discussion questions.

"Depression Glass" by Ted Kooser
Downloadable audiofile of the poem.

"An Epiphany" by Ted Kooser
Audiofile and text of the poem.

"In the Basement of the Goodwill Store
Downloadable audio file of Kooser reading the poem (1:37). Click on the title for the text.

"A Room in the Past" by Ted Kooser
Audiofile and text of the poem.

"So This is Nebraska" by Ted Kooser
In this audiocast the poet discusses the background to the poem and then reads it. Includes the text of the poem.

"Walking at Noon Near the Burlington Depot in Lincoln, Nebraska"
What does the Burlington Depot look like? Photo and additional information.