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Do you work in the IT industry and want to do everything possible to prepare for an upcoming exam? Let Varsity Tutors assist you with reaching for your goals with a CCA-N test prep service. A Citrix Certified Associate Networking (CCA-N) credential is the type of certification IT professionals need to prove to potential employers that they have real-world skills and experience to provide solutions to problems related to technology. You need to be an IT professional or an IT professional-in-training to take the exam, and signing up for CCA-N tutoring is the first step you can take towards pursuing your goals. Reach out to an educational consultant to learn more about our CCA-N preparation programs.

The 1Y0-230 exam is a test taken by IT professionals who install, manage, and support Citrix Gateway 12 and Citrix ADC environments. Many of them are technology engineers and administrators. The test contains 64 questions, and all of them are multiple-choice questions. You have 90 minutes to complete the exam, and you need a score of at least 64 percent to pass.

With a CCA-N class, you can engage in sessions without having to go anywhere. That's because our CCA-N courses are online, so you can communicate with an instructor through your preferred mobile device. Each of our CCA-N classes provides you with one-on-one instruction, allowing you to focus with minimal distractions. The 1Y0-230 exam requires you to possess skills like basic networking and experience with database servers. If you want some help with understanding these or other technology concepts, a CCA-N test prep program is where you can have your questions answered in a timely matter. These CCA-N tutors can conduct lessons in a slow or fast pace depending on which speed best helps you. In addition, the 1Y0-230 exam covers 14 sections dealing with the following topics:

Section Objectives (Non-Comprehensive)

  • Section1
    • Understand the Citrix ADC architecture and functionality
    • Identify Citrix ADC hardware and its components
  • Section 2
    • Determine which interfaces IP address types and VLANS to use during configuration
      of a given environment
    • Identify which Citrix ADC routing and traffic-handling mode should be used for a
      given environment
  • Section 3
    • Identify the pieces of the multi-tenant structure for Citrix ADC SDX
    • Understand how the high availability (HA) process works on Citrix ADC
  • Section 4
    • Understand how the high availability (HA) process works on Citrix ADC
    • Determine which method should be used to manage a Citrix ADC high availability
      configuration in a given scenario
  • Section 5
    • Determine how to customize monitoring and service options based on a scenario
    • Identify the Citrix ADC load-balancing role of entities
  • Section 6
    • Determine how to create SSL virtual servers
    • Determine which SSL deployment to use for a given environment
  • Section 7
    • Determine how to utilize authentication, authorization, and auditing
  • Section 8
    • Determine how to utilize admin partitions in a given scenario
    • Determine how to monitor the Citrix ADC environment with Simple Network
      Management Protocol data
  • Section 9
    • Determine a given Citrix Gateway feature's role for application delivery
    • Determine how to configure Citrix Gateway in a given environment
  • Section 10
    • Determine how to configure pattern sets and URL sets for a given environment
    • Determine how to utilize policy bind points for a given environment
  • Section 11
    • Determine the steps in the Authentication process to establish identity
    • Determine how to customize multi-factor authentication
  • Section 12:
    • Determine how to configure Citrix Gateway plug-in with Citrix Receiver to establish
    • Determine how to deploy Citrix Gateway to allow user connections, including logon
  • Section 13
    • Determine how to enable Clientless Access and Receiver for ICA Proxy
    • Determine how to configure SmartAccess for a given scenario
  • Section 14
    • Determine how to configure RDP Proxy for a given environment
    • Determine how to configure portal themes for a given environment

In a CCA-N test prep program, there are several ways in which you can review the above topics. One way you can prepare for the exam is by requesting a tutor to help you find videos and slides about the topics, or they could lecture while you take notes. You can also ask a CCA-N test prep instructor for practice exams so that you can time yourself and prepare for anything you have to face when test day arrives. A CCA-N prep program doesn't only let you review exam topics; it also provides a space in which to express any nervous feelings you may have about the test. A tutor can offer a listening ear and then provide handy relaxation techniques to try to help you deal with test stress.

Each CCA-N course gives a you flexible schedule, making it simple to balance many responsibilities. Our CCA-N prep services may even help you with building excellent study skills for occupations you may want to explore in the future. Find out more about how a CCA-N test preparation option can assist you by contact Varsity Tutors today. Representatives are standing by eager to inform you about our CCA-N prep programs.

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