John Knowles
Lesson plans for A Separate Peace

Character Notebook
This character analysis activity includes a student model.

Glencoe Literature Library, A Separate Peace
Historical background, pre-reading, vocabulary development, graphic organizers, questions for analysis and discussion, more. 22 pages; Adobe Reader required.

A Separate Peace
Designed for grades 10 and 11, this site offers a summary, theme openers, crosscurricular activities, research assignments, and suggestions for related readings.

A Separate Peace
Learning activities include plot diagram; themes, motifs, and symbols; practice with analysis; vocabulary, more. Note: sponsored link.

A Separate Peace
A variety of post-reading activities organized by level of difficulty.

A Separate Peace and Film
As they work with the novel, students also work with Legends of the Fall and produce a short digital movie. Adobe Reader or compatible application needed for access to this 16-page document.

A Separate Peace
Character analysis, biography, background information, pre-reading questions, and analysis of themes of friendship, belief, and honor. This study guide is designed to go with a theatrical production, but it includes activities that will work in any classroom. 28 pages; Adobe Reader required.

Vocabulary from A Separate Peace
A list of 79 vocabulary words drawn from the novel. Click on the word for its definition and synonyms.