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Varsity Tutors is the only educational resource you need to know about if you're looking into professional SHRM certification training. SHRM is an acronym for Society for Human Resource Management, an organization that provides two different certifications intended for individuals interested in pursuing an exciting career in HR (Human Resources). Earning one of these certs demonstrates that you have both the requisite competency and knowledge to deliver effective job performance, potentially enabling you to negotiate a higher salary or land a new job.

The certification that makes the most sense for you depends on your role, either with your current employer or a prospective one. The SHRM Certified Professional certification, or SHRM-CP, is intended for those in operational roles who deal with staff on a day-to-day basis, implement policies, and take care of daily responsibilities. The SHRM Senior Certified Professional certification, or SHRM-SCP, is intended for those with a more strategic role that includes tasks such as developing company policies, overseeing HR operations, and analyzing performance metrics.

We provide comprehensive SHRM certification class for each of these exams, ensuring that you review only the test structure and content you actually need to know on exam day. Keep reading to learn more about the valuable services we can provide.

Are There Any Prerequisites I Should Know About Before Enrolling in Formal SHRM Certification Training?

Yes, both certifications have prerequisites beyond merely passing the test. If you're interested in SHRM-CP certification, you need three years of professional experience in an HR role plus a high school diploma, associate's degree, GED, or equivalent. You also qualify to take the exam if you hold a bachelor's degree and have one year of professional HR experience, or have a graduate degree and are currently employed in an HR role. The professional requirement increases by one year if your degree is not related to HR in some fashion.

Similarly, those pursuing SHRM-SCP certification need six years of relevant professional experience if they have less than a bachelor's degree, four years with a bachelor's, and three years with a grad-level degree. Again, the professional experience requirement increases by one year if your degree isn't HR-related. You must include these credentials on your application to sit for the exam, meaning you must meet them before your testing date.

You should also be aware that SHRM certification is only valid for three years. If you're interested in maintaining your certification beyond that time frame, you need to retake the appropriate exam or earn 60 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) through activities such as attending accredited college courses, completing approved projects, or attending HR-related seminars before your current certification expires.

What Concepts Can I Cover During My SHRM Certification Training?

While each certification has its own exam, the content outline is fairly consistent between them. About half of the test is on "Behavioral Competency Clusters" such as Business, Leadership, and Interpersonal Relationships, while the other half centers around HR Knowledge Domains such as the Workplace, People, and Organization.

Some of the specific concepts you can expect your SHRM certification training instructor to go over include how to handle employee onboarding, best practices for managing globally diverse workforces, how to act as an effective mentor, ethical business practices, and codes of conduct. Your instructor will be a skilled educator who has been thoroughly vetted by Varsity Tutors, so they can utilize a broad array of teaching techniques to help you understand potentially challenging concepts.

For example, you can review a graphical representation of different monitoring tools to help you choose the one most appropriate to a given situation. Your instructor can also provide a step by step tutorial on how to approach project planning, giving you something to fall back on if you feel stuck.

Your instructor can also look for ways to make your instruction more engaging, as you are more likely to retain information if you are legitimately interested in it. For instance, most people would agree that confidentiality and privacy policies are dry topics. However, your instructor can share a zany story about what happens when they go awry to make it easier to relate to the material. Not only can this make your class entertaining in the moment, but it can also make it easier to recall the info when you need to.

You could review this information on your own, but working with an expert instructor ensures that any questions you have can be answered in a timely fashion. In fact, many instructors strive to create a learning environment where questions are encouraged, helping you seek assistance before a simple misunderstanding has an opportunity to spiral out of control.

Unlike many competing SHRM certification training course products, we provide live instruction. If you and your classmates already possess a solid understanding of a particular concept, your instructor can move onto other topics to improve your study efficiency. In contrast, pre-recorded lectures and video clips say the same thing over and over again whether their audience finds the information useful or not. Furthermore, a live course can generate interesting discussion encompassing multiple perspectives, something that a recording can never truly replicate.

What Will My Society for Human Resource Management Test Be Like?

Both SHRM exams consist of 160 multiple-choice questions administered over a testing session lasting four hours. There are two different types of questions you need to prepare for. First, knowledge-based items evaluate your command of the factual information HR professionals are expected to know. Second, situational judgment items assess your decision-making skills within a real-world context.

The first group is fairly self-explanatory, but the latter is new for most test-takers. You are presented with a work-related scenario and asked to choose the best resolution strategy from the options provided. Your instructor can provide sample problems to give you an idea of the types of information the test expects you to base your decision on.

All SHRM exams are administered in an electronic format at Prometric testing centers located throughout the United States. If you have never taken an exam in this kind of proctored environment, your instructor can help you understand what to expect.

Can My Instructor Incorporate Test-Taking Strategies Into My SHRM Certification Training?

Yes, your instructor can show you numerous test-taking strategies that you can use if you feel stumped on exam day. For example, both tests are comprised entirely of multiple-choice items. This means that you can always take a blind guess and have a 25% chance of answering correctly (each question has four possible answer choices).

However, your odds can increase to 33% if you successfully eliminate one of the answer choices, 50% if you can get rid of two, and 100% if you can safely eliminate all three incorrect responses. As you can see, learning how to rule out answer choices can be a powerful test-taking tool.

Your teacher can also incorporate time management techniques into your SHRM certification training to help you make the most of the time allotted to you. For example, it is rarely in your best interest to spend too much time on a single item. If you aren't sure of the correct response, your instructor can encourage you to put something down and move on so that you have a chance to actually read every item. If you have extra time remaining at the conclusion of the test, you can always go back and double-check your work.

Likewise, your instructor can administer timed practice tests to give you firsthand experience managing your four hours. Four hours can be a long time to maintain your concentration, so experiencing it can serve as valuable practice if your mind has a tendency to wander.

If you're struggling to complete exams on time, your instructor can give you tips on how to pick up your pace without rushing. For instance, understanding the directions before the exam begins can save you a few minutes you can apply elsewhere. Similarly, understanding how the test presents important keywords such as "except" and "not" can make it easier to identify them at a glance.

Taking practice tests can also give you a clear sense of your strengths and any areas of opportunity where you could still improve. If you consistently answer questions about effective coaching strategies correctly, knowing so could give you more self-confidence when the topic comes up on your actual exam. If you're having a harder time with items concerning negotiation tactics, you know that you should ask your instructor for additional assistance before your actual exam.

If you deal with test anxiety, your instructor can also demonstrate strategies to help you overcome it. Sometimes, simply knowing that you have covered everything you need to know during your SHRM certification training is enough to put your mind at ease. If that isn't enough for you, you can go over mindfulness techniques such as meditation to help you soothe your nerves and focus on the item in front of you.

Are There Any Benefits Associated With the Collaborative Learning Environment an SHRM Certification Course Can Provide?

While many students are initially hesitant to share their knowledgeable instructor with their peers, working in a collaborative learning environment often makes it easier to master difficult concepts. If you're having a hard time understanding approaches to developing an inclusive workplace, one of your classmates may be able to explain it in terms that make sense to you. They might also know a handy memorization trick you can use to make the rote memorization aspect of the exam a little easier.

Likewise, teaching something to somebody else can be one of the best ways to further your own understanding of the topic. If some of your classmates are having a hard time with something, you can try helping them out.

Communication is an integral component of any HR professional's day-to-day responsibilities, and working in a group setting allows you to practice your skills. For instance, your instructor can split your class into small teams where you can practice communication techniques such as active listening, providing constructive feedback, and facilitating productive staff meetings. Your instructor can also model effective communication practices while critiquing your performance.

Are There Any Additional Benefits Associated With Formal SHRM Certification Training?

Many students find that the most challenging part of test prep has nothing to do with an exam's structure or content, but the mental hurdle of setting aside enough time to adequately prepare for it. Let's face it: There's no shortage of other things you would rather be doing. Enrolling in an SHRM certification class ensures that you set at least some time aside for your test prep, helping you feel more prepared heading into the exam.

If you decide to supplement your in-class instruction with independent study, your instructor can also recommend trustworthy study aids you can use to ensure that you're working with up-to-date materials. Perhaps you'll review an HR seminar's talking points to develop a fuller understanding of its topics or listen to an interview where an HR professional explains their daily workload.

Your expert instructor can also teach you practical tips for how to approach exam day that many students never even think about until it is too late. For instance, eating a good meal before you get started can make it easier to maintain your concentration for the duration of the exam. Likewise, arriving early gives you a chance to get comfortable as opposed to rushing in order to start the exam on time. Wearing an outfit you like can help you start with a positive frame of mind that may make it easier to do your best. You can even learn how to take an unscheduled break if you really need one without losing track of the clock.

Your SHRM certification course instructor can also help you make the most of the resources available to you on test day. For instance, reference materials such as notes and textbooks are prohibited in the testing center, so last-minute cramming isn't an option. However, you can ask for scrap paper and use it to jot down anything you think you might forget mid-test. If you get stuck, you now have a convenient point of reference to refresh your memory.

How Does Formal SHRM Certification Training Fit Into My Busy Lifestyle?

While many of our competitors expect you to go out of your way to attend an SHRM certification course, Varsity Tutors provides a proprietary Live Learning Platform that allows you to study on your terms. If you would like to attend courses from the comfort of your home, you can do so. If you would prefer the learning environment offered by a favorite restaurant or tranquil library, our platform is compatible with a variety of different mobile devices to make studying on the go as easy as possible.

If you're unsure about digital instruction, understand that our exclusive Live Learning Platform offers powerful features such as video chat functionality and a virtual whiteboard to provide premium face-to-face instruction anywhere with a stable internet connection. You can see and hear your instructor - and vice versa - so asking for assistance is as easy as raising your hand. Working remotely also eliminates geographical considerations, allowing you to work with the best instructor possible no matter where you live.

We understand how busy you are, so we offer several SHRM certification class offerings concurrently to help you find a fit for your schedule. If you want to prepare for your exam as rapidly as you can, taking a two-week class may be the best choice for you. Alternatively, we provide four-week classes for individuals who have a lot of other things on their plate to help them find the time for everything. You receive the same number of contact hours and quality instruction either way, so go with whichever option most appeals to you.

We also launch new courses on a monthly basis, so you're never too far away from getting started. Furthermore, you can request private study sessions with your instructor outside of your usual course meeting times if you feel like you could benefit from a little extra support with a particular topic.

Can Somebody Help Me Sign Up For SHRM Certification Training?

If you were to try to find an instructor without professional assistance, you would need to somehow verify that your prospective teacher had the communication skills required to effectively lead a classroom environment. You would also need to make sure that they are completely up to date with all Society for Human Resource Management policies and procedures, including the content of the test you're taking. Finally, it's important for your schedules to jive. Who has time for all of that?

Instead, let Varsity Tutors enroll you in an SHRM certification training course that meets all of your scheduling and academic needs without the hassle. Friendly Educational Consultants are currently standing by to answer any questions you have and guide you through our convenient enrollment process, so reach out by phone or online to get started. We look forward to hearing from you!

SHRM Certifications

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