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If you are considering taking the CMT (Chartered Market Technician) certification exam, you may be interested in CMT test prep that is offered by Varsity Tutors. The CMT Association administers the CMT Program and gives a code of ethics as a working framework for financial professionals. If you're a hedge fund manager, RIA investment strategist, chief investment officer, portfolio manager, or in some other related financial field, contact Varsity Tutors to get started with your CMT prep today.

Taking a CMT course can build test-taking skills so that you feel more confident going into the exam day. You want to know that you are well-prepared before taking such an exam. CMT tutoring offers you the opportunity to work with a professional instructor who has experience in the material that can be covered on the CMT certification exam. Working with CMT tutors can help you develop better studying techniques so you can firm up your knowledge of the learning objectives for each of the three levels.

Taking a CMT class gives you the opportunity to work with a personal tutor who can evaluate your current knowledge of the subject areas. In CMT test prep, your tutor can use this gauge as a baseline for developing personalized study sessions. This customized CMT prep can encourage you to stay focused on areas that you need more assistance in. For example, you may need more studying in chart development and analysis. Your CMT classes can cater to that.

There are three levels of learning objectives involved in CMT test prep with a tutor. Those levels include topics like theory and history of technical analysis, chart development and analysis, and risk management. The learning objectives are listed below for all three levels and can be reviewed during CMT prep:

Learning Objectives

  • Level 1
    • Theory and History of Technical Analysis
    • Charts, Trends and Patterns
    • Advanced Concepts in Charting and Trend Analysis
    • Markets and Volatility
    • Behavioral Finance and Other Theories of Market Dynamics
    • Basic Statistics for the Technical Analyst
    • Perspectives on Technical Trading Systems
  • Level 2
    • Chart Development and Analysis
    • Volatility Measures in Today's Financial Markets
    • Topics in Behavioral Finance
    • Statistical Applications for Technical Analysts
    • Technical Methods and Market Selection
    • Designing and Testing Technical Trading Systems
  • Level 3
    • Risk Management
    • Asset Relationships
    • Portfolio Management
    • Behavioral Finance
    • Volatility Analysis
    • Classical Methods

When you don't study effectively for a test, that can negatively impact your confidence level on exam day. Completing CMT courses prior to taking the CMT certification exam can give you the opportunity to review practice questions similar to those that you'll see on the exam. CMT prep with a tutor can help you work through those practice questions to gain understanding. A tutor can track your progress and ascertain areas where you need more studying.

CMT preparation involves studying the right way so that your tutor can maximize each study session. A tutor can keep your focus on your best opportunities to maximize your score to increase your confidence level for taking the test. The following examples are practice questions similar to ones that your tutor can review with you during CMT test prep:

Practice Questions:

  • According to the work of Charles Dow and his successors, now referred to as Dow Theory, which of the following is NOT a hypothesis for the nature of markets and technical analysis?
    • The primary trend is inviolate
    • The averages discount everything
    • Dow Theory is not infallible
    • Prices move at random
  • In relation to the principles of technical analysis, the phrase "patterns are fractal" refers to the assumption that
    • patterns tend to break existing trends.
    • Mandelbrot originated the concept of chart pattern
    • pattern analysis is universal and independent of time
    • chart patterns found in an intraday chart can generate signals in a daily chart

As you might expect, if you spend more time studying for your CMT certification exam, you have more opportunity to understand concepts and develop strategies to tackle each section effectively. Working with a tutor can maximize your study sessions. If you want to get started preparing for your exam, contact Varsity Tutors today. We can answer any questions you have and get you connected with expert CMT test preparation assistance.

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