Grammar and Parts of Speech

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Sentence Structure Sentence Fragments
Mechanics, Punctuation, Conventions Subject — Verb Agreement
Lessons and Activities for Multiple Parts of Speech
Useful Resources (more for teacher than student)

Parts of Speech Mind Map
This printable poster uses color and specific examples to help students distinguish the parts of speech.

Lessons and Activities for Multiple Parts of Speech

Acrostic Poetry
Using newspapers or magazines, students create an acrostic poem where words are divided into parts of speech.

Active and Passive Voice
Links to explanations and handouts for teaching active and passive voice.

Analyzing Grammar Pet Peeves
Students begin by thinking about their own grammar pet peeves. They then read a Dear Abby column in which she lists several grammar pet peeves. Using a chart, students analyze each pet peeve and research it to determine its accuracy. By analyzing Dear Abby’s "rant" about bad grammar usage, students become aware that attitudes about race, social class, moral and ethical character, and "proper" language use are intertwined and that the rant reveals those attitudes. Finally, students discuss the pet peeves as a class, gaining an understanding that issues of race, class, and audience’s expectations help determine what is considered "proper" language usage.

Color Coded Parts of Speech
Three kinesthetic small group activities to help students identify parts of speech.

Creative Writing: Teaching Grammar and Writing Principles through the Arts
Students produce original songs, dances, poems, skits or artwork to teach writing and grammar creatively and effectively. This lesson includes an article from the New York Times , journal writing, vocabulary words, questions for discussion, and several extension activities.

Diagramming Sentences
Illustrations and explanations of sentence diagramming, organized by part of speech and by structure.

Enough about I — Let's Talk about Me
In this lesson students learn about common grammar mistakes and then create engaging presentations on grammar and usage rules.

Grammar Bytes! Interactive Grammar Review
An appealing site generous with explanations, handouts, interactive exercises.

Grammar Gorillas
An interactive review of parts of speech for elementary students. Choose "Beginner" (nouns and verbs) or "Advanced" (all parts of speech).

Grammar Ninja
Students identify parts of speech in this online game with a Ninja theme. Three levels of difficulty; Wii version also available.

Grammar Review using Sentence Auction
Students in small groups bid on correct and incorrect sentences. The group which 'buys' the most correct sentences wins. This lesson is designed for ESL students and includes sentences, but anyone could adapt it.

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