Lesson plans and teaching resources

Adding Interesting Adverbs
This 2-page handout asks students to use adverbs in the context of a story. Word processor required for access.

Adjective and Adverb Taboo
A great way for the class to recognize the role of adverbs and adjectives in sentence construction.

Adverb Recognition Practice
Definition, examples, 10 practice sentences, and answers.

Adverbs of Frequency
An infographic and explanation of where these adverbs belong in a sentence.

Discovering Just the Right Word
Students improve their writing style by strengthening word choice at the word and sentence level by adding adverbs, precise verbs, and specific nouns.

Eliminate Weak Verb-Adverb Combinations
A teacher shares his approach to encouraging students to use strong verbs.

Filling in the Blanks: Using Modifiers to Provide Detail
Students develop voice and style by adding details to their writing.

Misplaced Adverbs. How to avoid typical mistakes.
Explanation and infographic for use of adverbs (manner, place, frequency, time, purpose).

Skillswise: Adverbs
This grammar and writing site from the BBC is designed for elementary students. It includes a very good introductory video and some online quizzes. The quizzes provide practice in test-taking skills and provide a total score correct at the end.

Verb-Adverb Charades
Students draw a verb and an adverb from 2 stacks of cards, then act them out.

Wild Weather Sentences
Students create a sentence about weather using an online sentence generator (included). After manipulating and illustrating the sentence, they write a longer story or description using the sentence as inspiration. Emphasis is on learning to move adverbs and prepositional phrases around in sentences to craft more fluent and more interesting writing.