Sentence Fragments Lesson Plans

Finding Fragments Exercise 1 (short passage) , Exercise 2 (short passage) , and Exercise 3 (longer passage)
Students read a passage, identify the fragment, and receive immediate feedback. Good practice for high school and college students.

Fix the Sentences
In this 1-page worksheet, students are given sentence fragments and run-ons to edit. Designed for 4th grade; Adobe Reader required.

Discussion of main and subordinate clauses and a self-checking quiz.

Grammar Goes Green?
In this lesson, students review what qualifies as a grammatically complete sentence. They then use a Times article about the movie, Hulk , to help them identify interesting and challenging nouns and verbs that they can later mix and match to form new sentences.

Sentence Fragments
Examples of different kinds of fragments and two online quizzes for additional practice. This resource is designed for college students.

Sentence Fragments and Run-on Sentences
This printable offers teaching tips, a mini-lesson, and 2 practice sheets using a puzzle and maze format. It is designed for elementary students and requires Adobe Reader for access.

Sentence Fragments
This online lesson is reading-intensive. It will work best with upper elementary and above.

"Strip Prompts" Reduce the Struggle of Teaching Sentence Construction by Raising Students' "Fragment Consciousness"
Three activities that work together to teach students how to recognize, correct, and edit sentence fragments.