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If you're looking into CLEP Precalculus prep to help you build your study skills, Varsity Tutors offers private CLEP Precalculus classes that could prove to be exactly what you are searching for. The CLEP program allows college students who learned introductory-level material in high school, at work, or through independent study to prove it on a standardized test and bypass a college course, potentially allowing them to graduate sooner. If that sounds good to you, CLEP Precalc test prep is something you should examine further!

Many students enroll in CLEP Precalculus prep to get a feel for the content of the exam. Precalc places a heavy emphasis on functions, especially those that fall under the linear, quadratic, rational, exponential, and trigonometric labels. Taking a private CLEP Precalculus class allows you to spend as much or as little time on each of these topics as you might need to.

Each CLEP Precalc course also provides one-on-one attention from a knowledgeable teacher. Any questions you have during your CLEP Precalculus test prep may be addressed immediately, and your instructor may even design CLEP Precalc prep sessions with your unique needs in mind. For instance, a visual learner might use flashcards to remember the definitions of each of the functions above, while an auditory learner could get more out of a lecture as part of their CLEP test preparation.

CLEP Precalculus tutoring may also help you get comfortable with the exam's digital interface. An online graphing calculator is embedded into the program for your use, so figuring out how to use it efficiently is a key component of CLEP Precalc test prep. That said, you are not permitted to use it on every section. The test is split into two sections as defined by the information below:

  • Section 1: 25 questions, 50 minutes.
    The use of an online graphing calculator (non-CAS) is allowed for this section. Only some of the questions will require the use of the calculator.
  • Section 2: 23 questions, 40 minutes. No calculator is allowed for this section.

While only some Section 1 questions require the use of a calculator, you may be tempted to use it to double-check all of your arithmetic. This is a good idea if you have time remaining at the end of the section, but it's more important to answer all of the questions first. Budgeting your time wisely is always an important consideration on standardized exams.

Some students take practice exams during CLEP Precalculus courses to develop a familiarity with the format of the test. What do the questions look like? Are there any keywords I should pay special attention to? A couple of practice questions are printed below to give you a sense of what to expect:

Practice Questions:

  • Find the radius of the circle with the equation: x^2 + 2x + y^2 - 10y + 22 = 0

    • 5/2
    • 1
    • 5
    • 2
    • 22
  • cos(38pi/3) =
    • .5
    • -.5
    • 1
    • -1
    • -.865

The answers in bold are the correct responses, so you might want to review these topics during your CLEP Precalculus test prep if you selected different ones. CLEP Precalculus tutors may also be able to show you tips and tricks to boost your self-confidence heading into the test.

We also try to make CLEP Precalc preparation as convenient as possible. We always try to refer students to instructors who match their availability. If some combination of school, work, and other activities prevents you from studying at certain times, we might match you with an instructor who is also unavailable at those times to mitigate the potential for a conflict. Likewise, our exclusive Live Learning Platform offers the convenience of virtual study sessions so you don't need to worry about the logistics of a face-to-face meeting.

If you're ready to take your CLEP Prealgebra test prep to a whole new level, reach out to Varsity Tutors to get started today!

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