Active and Passive Voice

Active and Passive Voice
This page illustrates both active and passive voice verbs. Follow links on the left for additional information, including samples of how to change passive to active.

Active vs. Passive Voice
This 2-page handout explains the difference between active and passive voices. It is designed for college students; requires Adobe Reader.

Active Voice vs. Passive Voice
A teacher relates his procedure, including teaching students when passive voice is appropriate.

Choosing the Best Verb: An Active and Passive Voice Mini-Lesson
This technology-integrated minilesson explores verb choice in a variety of online resources, then encourages students to draw conclusions about verb use which they can apply to their own writing.

The Passive Voice
This downloadable YouTube video (4:35) explains passive voice and demonstrates its effective use. Engaging for high school and older. Includes advertising at the very end.

The Passive Voice
Discussion of use of active and passive voices, explanation of how to form the passive, and use of verbals in passive constructions. Follow the link at the bottom for an interactive quiz.

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