Verbs: Lesson plans and teaching resources

Action Verbs
Students add action verbs to sentences.

Action-Packed Ocean Sentences
Students generate a sentence online and then use it in a longer piece of writing. Designed to accompany Andrew Clements' Big Al but useful in other contexts, too.

Active and Passive Voice
Links to explanations and handouts for teaching active and passive voice.

Awesome Action Words
Students will learn to replace boring, redundant, generic verbs with more precise "Awesome Action Words." This lesson is designed for grades 3 and 4 and includes support materials.

2-word verbs with "bring"
This poster addresses "bring" as a phrasal verb: "bring to," "bring out," "bring on," "bring up," "bring down," and "bring about."

Clean up your Grammar
In this game students sort nouns and verbs into the appropriate category. The game uses an engaging "clean up the beach" approach, with incorrect answers leaving litter behind.

Confusing Verbs
Text and downloadable poster clarifying "make" vs. "do," "refuse" vs. "deny," "say" vs. "tell," "stay" vs. "remain," "sit," "seat," and "seated," and "shall" vs. "will."

Discovering Just the Right Word
Students improve their writing style by strengthening word choice at the word and sentence level by adding adverbs, precise verbs, and specific nouns.

Eliminate Weak Verb-Adverb Combinations
A teacher shares his approach to encouraging students to use strong verbs.

Fortune Cookie Verbs
During this lesson students have the opportunity to create fortune cookies and identify the verbs in the fortunes. Includes recipe for fortune cookies.

Grammar Goes Green?
In this lesson, students review what qualifies as a grammatically complete sentence. They then use a Times article about the movie, Hulk , to help them identify interesting and challenging nouns and verbs that they can later mix and match to form new sentences.

Grammar Gorillas
An interactive review of parts of speech for elementary students. Choose "Beginner" (nouns and verbs) or "Advanced" (all parts of speech).

Identifying and Using Action Verbs
Students find the action verbs in an online story and in Wemberly Worried by Kevin Henkes. They write a story using action verbs and visit a website that demonstrates verbs in action . This lesson plan is designed for grade 2.

Irregular Verbs: First Person Crossword Puzzle
A printable copy is available at the site.

Irregular Verbs
A set of 6 self-correcting online practice activities for high school and older.

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