Conjunction Junction
YouTube video (downloadable) from Schoolhouse Rock. Lyrics available here ; scroll down about halfway.

Conjunction Recognition Practice
Explanation and examples of conjunctions, 15 practice sentences, and answers.

These charts help students see the types and uses of conjunctions, including conjunctive adverbs. Scroll down for an explanation and chart regarding expletives.

An explanation of the difference between coordinating and subordinating conjunctions, 8 practice sentences, and a key.

Designed for elementary students, this 4-page handout introduces 4 coordinating junctions and provides practice sentences and a key. Adobe Reader required for access.

Conjunctions and Interjections
This lesson plan includes printable student handouts.

Correlative Conjunctions
Printable handout with definition and issues with use.

Focus on Paired Conjunctions (aka correlative conjunctions)
This sentence-combining lesson is designed for ESL students but will also work for native speakers who need help with this concept.

Teaching Conjunctions
Three activities that provide practice with conjunctions.