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Varsity Tutors can help you prepare for your next exam with SAT Subject Tests prep help. SAT Subject Tests test prep offers an efficient way to learn the material you need to know before taking your test. If you're interested in learning more about taking an SAT Subject Tests class, then continue reading. Or, you can get help signing up for an SAT Subject Tests by contacting us today.

SAT Subject Tests are typically taken by high school students who are getting ready to apply to college. They may be taken alongside the broader SAT exam to show the schools you apply to how proficient you are in a subject that's important to you. Those who perform well on one of these exams may be able to skip over introductory college courses in the subject area of their test. You might even be able to get college credit for your work on your SAT Subject Test. SAT Subject Tests tutoring can help you get more out of your test preparation process for this exam.

Before getting into more about how SAT Subject Tests preparation can help you grow academically, take a look at this information about SAT Subject Tests:

SAT Subject Test Recommended Qualifications
Mathematics Level 1 2 years of algebra, 1 year of geometry
Mathematics Level 2 More than 3 years of college-prep math (algebra, geometry, and precalculus and/or trigonometry)
Literature 3-4 years of college-prep level literary study
Languages 2-4 years of high school study or equivalent experience
History 1 year of college-prep level course experience in the proper history discipline
Science 1 year of college-prep level experience in the proper science discipline, laboratory experience, and 1 year of algebra experience (along with course experience in trigonometry for the Physics test)

SAT Subject Tests test prep can help you get ready for your upcoming exam in a unique way. Your SAT Subject Tests prep will take place through a series of one-on-one lessons with an expert on the subject matter of the test you're preparing for. SAT Subject Tests tutors are able to create a customized lesson plan for you and give you feedback whenever you need it. You can work through each of these lessons at your own pace since SAT Subject Tests courses are between just you and your educator. SAT Subject Tests classes may make your test preparation process more effective and efficient overall.

Below, you'll find more information on SAT Subject Tests:

SAT Subject Test Differentiators

  • Assesses high school-level knowledge for proper placement and demonstration of capabilities to potential colleges
  • Standard college admissions exams don't seek out the depth of knowledge students may want or need to demonstrate to pursue certain degree programs
  • Providing exam scores shows determination to impress a college admissions office even if they do not require the test
  • Can substitute for some Regents exams in New York
  • Foreign language Subject Tests can earn students a Seal of Biliteracy in some states
  • Subject Tests can meet minimum requirements for a college or university if a student's school curriculum does not

SAT Subject Tests test preparation can also help you develop a more complete set of test-taking skills. For instance, if you've previously had trouble managing your time effectively on important exams, your SAT Subject Tests test prep course can help. Your educator can show you tips for managing your time that you can use for your upcoming test and beyond. SAT Subject Tests prep can also help you deal with any test day anxiety that you may be prone to getting. This is because your instructor can show you exercises for relaxing that you can utilize on the day of your exam.

Performing well on an SAT Subject Test can help you in a variety of ways as you make the transition from high school to college. For example, you could save the time of not having to take an introductory course in a selected topic if you earn a good score on your test. Having a strong SAT Subject Tests test prep plan in place could help you feel more confident while taking this exam. Varsity Tutors can get you started with an SAT Subject Tests prep class easily when you reach out to us today. We'd love to work with you.

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