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Varsity Tutors can help you get connected with a private Denver CFA tutor or online courses, allowing you to move forward on the path to getting your license. The CFA is a professional designation that can give clients confidence when working with you. In order to take the exam, you need to have a bachelor's degree or be in your last year of college; you can also have four years of professional work experience or a combination of both. The topics covered in the CFA exam are similar to what you will have learned while working on your degree at schools such as Colorado State University, the University of Denver, or another institution. It can be helpful to review the topics covered if it's been a while since you've been in school. If you prefer to take the Denver CFA prep course online or work with a private tutor, you'll get a more comprehensive overview than if you tried to learn everything on your own.

What concepts are covered during the Denver CFA prep?

The Chartered Financial Analyst, also known as the CFA, is a certification that individuals pursue when looking to gain a more complete understanding when it comes to investments and portfolio management. There are three exams, labeled as Level I, II, and III. All three are set up with morning and afternoon sessions. Level I and Level II deal with multiple-choice questions, while Level II adds on vignettes or case statements. Level III involves writing essay responses to questions and handling vignette questions.

During Denver CFA prep, you'll learn both the format of the exam and the content, or what types of questions to expect. Because there's no penalty for guessing incorrectly, you can make the most of this opportunity to get additional points even when you're unsure by reviewing the wording and using the process of elimination. Your Denver CFA prep instructor can help you learn the best methods to guess correctly, and show you how to make your most of the time spent on the exam, so you're not lingering over any one question too long.

What are the benefits of the different types of Denver CFA prep?

There are two types of prep that Varsity Tutors can get you set up with: online courses or private instruction. Most students find they prefer one method over the other, but you can choose to do both if you like. Each one has its own benefits, and you'll get accurate and up-to-date information about the exam from an instructor you can trust. Here are the benefits of both types of Denver CFA prep options.

If you like to work with others in a classroom setup, you can enroll in a Denver CFA prep class. Here, you can see your instructor and classmates through video chat which is accessible through the Live Learning Platform. You'll also have a virtual whiteboard, making it easier to learn and interact. You can hear lectures on topics such as Corporate Finance and Economics and get immediate feedback from your instructor when you have a question. If you ever find yourself in need of additional help, you can always reach out and get assistance from the instructor where you can seek one-on-one help regarding a certain topic.

If you would rather work in a private setting, we can help you connect with a Denver CFA tutor. When you study with a tutor on an individual basis, they can help you review what your problem areas are, and develop a study plan that focuses on your learning needs. The instructor can find the best ways to help you learn. If you already feel confident when it comes to certain areas, such as Ethical and Professional Standards, you can skip over those, and just focus on where you want to get the most help, like Equity Investments.

How can I get set up with Denver CFA preparation?

Whether you choose to take a class or have individual instruction, your prep will be led by an instructor who is qualified and knowledgeable in both the content and format of the CFA. Both options have flexible scheduling and take place online, so you can still find ways to study, even if you're busy. If you're curious about how Denver CFA prep can help you feel ready for the exam, give us a call. One of our educational consultants can help you figure out the best choice for you. Reach out to Varsity Tutors today, and find out how to get started on your Denver CFA prep.

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