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If you are preparing for the Series 31 exam, a Series 32 course from Varsity Tutors can work with you to maximize your time. A Series 32 course gives you information and private tutoring based on your needs. As you seek to expand your professional options, a Series 32 class can give you the help you're looking for.

The Series 32 exam is also known as the Limited Futures Examination-Regulations exam. This exam allows individuals registered by regulatory authorities outside of the United States to perform financial tasks and transactions. Currently, only the United Kingdom and Canada are recognized. Part of your time in a Series 32 class can involve understanding the layout of the test. Below is a table detailing the general overview of the Series 32 exam:

Question Format # Questions Time Allowed Passing Score
Multiple-Choice 35 45 Minutes 70%

All Series 32 courses take place online. Our Live Learning Platform is a venue where you and the instructor for you Series 32 prep class can interact in real-time. Series 32 classes offer online meeting for your convenience. You are able to attend your Series 32 prep course from anywhere with an internet connection, which removes a potential barrier to studying. Commuting to sessions can be a challenge for some students, but with Series 32 prep classes, more people can experience the benefits of private tutoring.

Series 32 prep courses are focused on your needs. You are the only student in your Series 32 prep class, which means that you learn what you want to learn in the way that is best for you. Based on your goals and abilities, you and the tutor for your Series 32 prep class can make a plan for your time together. You can break your time into manageable portions and decide in which order you want to study particular skills. During your sessions, your tutor can give you live feedback. This feedback is a way that Series 32 classes help you to develop good habits and build confidence. Additionally, you are able to receive information in ways that you process best. Whether you prefer to learn by reading, by watching instructional videos, by listening to lectures, or by doing practice questions, your time in a Series 32 course can be tailored to your learning preference. Below is a table detailing a variety of topics that you and your instructor can cover during your Series 32 prep course:

Series 32 Topics (non-comprehensive)

  • CFTC registrations/NFA membership
  • Position reporting requirements
  • Guaranteed and independent IBs
  • Net capital requirements
  • Disclosure documents
  • Arbitration Procedures
  • NFA member responsibility actions (MRA)
  • CFTC Commodity Exchange Act Enforcement

During Series 32 prep classes, you are also able to develop test-taking strategies specific to the test. As you work to get ready, you and your instructor can look at the types of questions that appear on the Series 32 exam. Based on the types of questions on the exam, you can devise strategies to improve your speed and accuracy in answering these questions. Series 32 prep classes can advise you in test-taking strategies to help you feel more comfortable and prepared for the exam.

As you prepare for the Series 32 exam, consider a Series 32 prep class from Varsity Tutors. While learning in a one-on-one environment, you will receive resources, instruction, and attention to help you maximize your preparation. Educational Directors are available online or over the phone to help you register.

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