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If you are planning to take the CLEP Calculus test, consider registering for a CLEP Calculus course from Varsity Tutors. CLEP Calculus prep classes are one-on-one learning opportunities devoted to helping you make the most of your prep time. CLEP tests are a common option for students who want to bypass introductory-level college courses. Those who pass these tests may even receive course credit. CLEP Calculus prep courses fit your schedule and learning needs.

A CLEP Calculus course can help you prepare for the breadth and depth of the exam. The CLEP Calculus test covers a wide variety of concepts and skills. The test divides the topic areas of the exam as follows:

Topics % of Exam # Questions


Limits 10% 44 90 Minutes
Differential Calculus 50%
Integral Calculus 40%

The CLEP Calculus test requires understanding many specific concepts and skills related to calculus. Your CLEP Calculus prep course can help you through areas of study such as:

Topics (Non-Comprehensive)

  • Statement of properties, e.g., limit of a constant, sum, product or quotient
  • Limit calculations, including limits involving infinity, e.g.
  • The Derivative
  • Applications of the Derivative
  • Antiderivatives and Techniques of Integration
  • Applications of Antiderivatives
  • The Definite Integral
  • Applications of the Definite Integral

A CLEP Calculus class takes place online through our Live Learning Platform. Because instructors for CLEP Calculus prep classes are available at a variety of times when you register you will be matched with an instructor who fits your availability. Because of the flexibility that a CLEP Calculus Prep course offers, you are able to avoid logistical barriers that may hinder your ability to study for this test.

CLEP Calculus prep courses allow you and your instructor to focus on your needs. There is no syllabus for your time, which means you can focus on the areas of the exam that are most difficult for you. You and the tutor are able to make a plan that is based around your goals, needs, and learning style. Everyone learns differently, and this individualized focus can help you maximize your CLEP Calculus prep class time.

In addition to focusing on the areas of content that are difficult for you, CLEP Calculus prep classes allow you to devote time to test-taking strategies. Because the CLEP Calculus test takes place under time constraints, your ability to budget your time during the exam can make a difference for your experience. For example, you and the instructor of your CLEP Calculus prep class can discuss knowing when to move on from a question that is challenging in order to answer multiple easier questions in the same span of time.

In addition to the content and test-taking knowledge you receive from a CLEP Calculus prep course, you will also develop study skills that can help you throughout your academic career. Whether you are studying for standardized tests, future exams in your college career, or even research papers, being able to make a study plan and execute that plan are skills that can help you thrive throughout your college and postgraduate life.

Varsity Tutors offer CLEP Calculus prep classes for your test prep needs. You and your instructor are able to focus your time on your particular learning style, content areas that are challenging for you, and the particular challenges of the CLEP Calculus test. Educational Directors are available to help you register or to answer any questions you may have.

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