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If you feel that an ARM-P prep course could help you work toward your professional goals, Varsity Tutors can set you up with private ARM-P classes today. ARM-P stands for the Associate in Risk Management for Public Entities and is a certification allowing insurance industry professionals to take on governmental clients. Candidates must pass several standardized exams in order to earn this qualification. Take an ARM-P class to build your study skills and enhance your self-confidence heading into the test!

Here are some of the potential benefits you may get by earning this certification:

  • Broaden risk management perspective through an understanding of unique risk management needs for public entities
  • Help manage claims and litigation costs by gaining knowledge of the legal environment of public entities
  • Develop a holistic view of public entity risk management by understanding specific stakeholders and their expectations

Most ARM-P prep classes begin by reviewing the basic structure and content of each of the exams you need to take in order to earn certification. The RMPE 352 exam is the one that most directly deals with public sector risk management. Here are some of the topics you might see on the test:

  • Public and Private Sector Risk Management Contracts
  • The Public Sector Environment
  • Risk Management in Local Governments
  • Common Public Sector Exposures
  • The Distinctive Legal Status of Public Entities
  • The Distinctive Liability Exposures of Public Entities
  • Approaches to Public Entity Risk Control
  • Claim Processing Procedures
  • Claim History and Record Keeping
  • Litigation Management

If that seems like a lot to go over, taking a private ARM-P course can help you break it into more digestible chunks. You can concentrate on your unique areas of opportunity to improve your study efficiency. For example, if you have a solid understanding of Claim Processing Procedures but have a harder time with the unique legal situation of public entities, your ARM-P course may focus on Litigation Management until you are ready to move on.

Private ARM-P courses also allow you to receive individualized attention. You are your instructor's only responsibility during your study sessions, virtually ensuring that all of your work receives immediate feedback. This may prove particularly beneficial when you make a mistake, as you get a chance to correct it while the material is still fresh in your mind. Likewise, any questions you ask may be answered promptly. If you're hesitant to admit when you need help, the personal rapport you establish with your instructor during ARM-P prep courses may also make it easier to ask for assistance.

Similarly, your instructor may be able to design sessions around your unique learning style. If you need a visual to understand new concepts, your instructor might make you a chart highlighting the level of risk exposure various public entities are comfortable with. Alternatively, you might want to work with real-life examples to make abstract concepts seem more practical. Either way, working with a private tutor can be more adaptable to your learning preferences than a large ARM-P prep class would be.

We also try to make attending your ARM-P class as hassle-free as possible. Every class takes place on our proprietary Live Learning Platform, combining the benefits of face-to-face, digital instruction with the freedom to work anywhere with a stable internet connection. We also try to match every student with an instructor who can meet on their terms. After all, who wants to give up hobbies they enjoy just to study for a standardized exam?

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of taking one of our ARM-P classes, please do not hesitate to contact an Educational Consultant using the information provided below. Varsity Tutors is dedicated to helping as many students as possible to pursue academic success!

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