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Varsity Tutors can help you on your journey to becoming a teacher by registering you for a Chicago Praxis course designed to help you prepare for the Praxis tests. Many aspiring teachers take the Praxis tests as part of their licensing process. These assessments cover a wide range of topics related to teaching and general knowledge and can be used to evaluate how well prospective teachers can educate students in a classroom setting. The comprehensive nature of the Praxis tests can make it difficult to prepare for. Even top education students enrolled at the University of Illinois at Chicago and DePaul University have struggled with studying for the exams on their own, which is why many of them have enrolled in a Chicago Praxis course like the ones offered by Varsity Tutors. Let's look at some of the ways these courses can help prepare you for test day.

What are some topics a Chicago Praxis class can cover?

Praxis classes are designed to help people prepare for the actual tests and to provide additional insight into becoming an effective teacher. As such, you'll cover all of the important test content through these courses. Concepts like reading, writing, and math; how to interact with students; and differed pedagogical approaches will all be discussed in these classes.

The Praxis tests are split into two categories: Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators and the Praxis Subject Assessments. You can expect to learn more about the content in both of these categories through online Praxis classes. But what separates these classes from self-study is that you're not just memorizing concepts, you're also learning how to actually draw upon your knowledge and apply it in situations outside of your lessons. For many students, this aspect of the classes is helpful for answering test questions and learning how to teach effectively.

Along with actual test material, another main topic that you'll cover in a Chicago Praxis class is test-taking skills. Some people struggle with Praxis tests because of their standardized format. When you take the test, you'll encounter a mixture of essay and selected-response questions. If you're not used to standardized tests, this can be overwhelming and confusing, even if you're already familiar with the concepts. Studying in an online class gives you the opportunity to improve your organizational and critical reading skills, making it easier to identify important information and construct well-thought-out answers. You can also learn ways to better your study habits and time management skills so that you're able to study more effectively in your spare time.

What are the advantages of enrolling in a Chicago Praxis course?

Our Praxis courses are designed to make learning as convenient and effective as possible. Lessons are conducted online via our Live Learning Platform so that you never have to worry about commuting across town to participate in the next study session. As long as you have an internet connection and you're free during your scheduled time slot, you can log in and follow along with the lectures using video chat and virtual whiteboards.

Another great feature of these classes is their focus on collaboration. You follow along as a professional instructor goes through the curriculum. As you learn important concepts, you have the opportunity to engage in classroom discussions with peers also studying for the Praxis tests. This gives you the chance to learn more about the material, looking at how you can use what you've learned to answer questions on test day. Best of all, you don't have to worry about falling behind. If you ever get to a point where you're lost and don't know what to do, simply schedule extra time with your instructor. They'll be happy to help you work through whatever obstacles are standing in your way.

How can I enroll in a Chicago Praxis prep course?

If you're not getting the study results you've been hoping for, we're happy to help. Getting started is quick and easy. All you need to do is contact Varsity Tutors and ask one of our helpful educational consultants for more information about Chicago Praxis courses. They can answer any questions that you have and once you're ready to begin, they'll register you for the next available course. New openings become available every month, so if you're not able to sign up this month, don't worry! There will always be another opportunity.

Don't put your professional goals on hold a minute longer. Contact us today and start preparing for the Praxis tests through collaboration and guides lessons.

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