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If you're looking for assistance as you learn Chinese, Varsity Tutors is ready and waiting to help you find the Washington DC Chinese lessons that are right for you. It doesn't matter whether you're starting the language at Sidwell Friends School, taking advanced lessons in courses at the University of Maryland College Park Campus, or just someone learning the language in your free time. When you begin to study Chinese, no matter your motivations, you'll gain some exposure to Eastern philosophies, and if you're interested in a career in international business, you may find that you have an advantage, because so many people speak Chinese.

Reaching out for academic support can make this task seem less stressful. When you learn Chinese, you'll join a community of more than one billion individuals who already speak this language around the world. There are several dialects that one could learn. Mandarin is the most popular dialect, but others include Cantonese, Xiang Wu, Gan, and Hakka. It's also an incredibly old language with evidence of Chinese characters as far back as the Shang Dynasty.

Whether you're learning a new language to meet degree requirements, improve your professional opportunities, or just for fun, having consistent opportunities to use the language that you're learning could make it easier to retain the information for later use. Whether you choose classroom-style instruction or private lessons, you'll have an opportunity to practice your reading, writing, and speaking of the language. Some choose to combine private tutoring with online classes in order to achieve the benefits of both.

What topics might Washington DC Chinese lessons go over?

This language is unique and unlike the English language in certain ways. For example, there is no Chinese alphabet. Instead, there are more than 50,000 characters, each of which represents a single syllable. These symbols do not give any kind of guidance as to how they're pronounced, so it's not unusual for students to look for support outside of their traditional classroom environment. That's where Varsity Tutors can be of assistance. We can help you find the right style of Washington DC Chinese lessons for the way you learn. If you learn best in a quiet, one-on-one setting, we can help you connect with a Washington DC Chinese tutor. If a collaborative environment with the energy of other students is something you find necessary, we can help you to enroll in virtual Chinese classes that connect you with other students learning the language and an experienced instructor.

Because Chinese is a tonal language, the meaning of a word changes depending on how someone says it. You'll go over the different tones in the varying dialects, including four in Mandarin Chinese or up to eight in the other dialects. You'll also learn that nouns in the Chinese language keep the same form regardless of singular or plural form. Also, there are no verb inflections or articles. No matter which type of instruction you choose, you'll likely cover those topics and more, such as pronouns and Pinyin.

How do the different types of Washington DC Chinese lessons work?

If you choose to enroll in an online class, you'll join other students and your academic coach in Varsity Tutors' Live Learning Platform. The platform allows you to connect with others in your sessions wherever you are, as long as you have an Internet connection. You'll have access to a virtual whiteboard and video chat, along with the opportunity to interact with your instructor privately if needed. You'll have ample opportunity to practice your speaking and reading with others in your class, and you may even learn helpful tips from your fellow classmates in addition to those your instructor provides. These courses begin every month, and you can choose from two-week or four-week sessions.

In one-on-one sessions with a Washington DC Chinese tutor, you'll have the opportunity to work privately with someone who has experience and knowledge of the Chinese language. This could be an easier route to understanding what you're studying if you find the energy of a classroom distracting. Also, through private instruction, you can receive a custom study plan and focused attention from your Washington DC Chinese tutor. Staring in your very first session, you'll get to know your instructor and they'll get to know you. They'll adjust the schedule to focus on topics you need help with, and they can rearrange the schedule of topics when they feel you might benefit from a change. They'll be able to spend as much time as you'd like on specific elements of the language, such as the different tones. There's flexibility in how you meet with a private instructor as well - you can use the Live Learning Platform to connect or meet in a physical location.

How do I find Washington DC Chinese lessons?

When you reach out to Varsity Tutors to enroll in a course or to be matched with a Washington DC Chinese tutor, you'll gain access to resources that can help you progress through your language learning journey. It doesn't matter why you're studying Chinese, we can help you determine which method of study is best for you. It doesn't matter whether you're taking a class because you are required to for school or you're getting ready for a personal trip and want to brush up on the language, working with an experienced speaker of the language can make things easier.

Our educational consultants can explain the different methods behind both types of Washington DC Chinese lessons, and they can help you to determine which model will work best with your learning style and your preferences. Our consultants want to be sure you've been told what you're getting into, no matter which method you choose. Why waste time that you could use to study and practice your Chinese? Whether you're studying Chinese at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School or Georgetown University, we can help you find the academic support you're looking for. Our consultants can get you started with a Washington DC Chinese tutor in as little as 24 hours or enroll you in classroom-style lessons quickly.

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