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Varsity Tutors offers a comprehensive Virginia Beach SSAT prep course to help students build their study skills in advance of the exam. The SSAT is a high-stakes assessment that private and independent schools may use as an objective data point to compare applicants who come from different backgrounds. It is available to students in grades 3-11, separated into the Elementary Level (grades 3-4), Middle Level (5-7), and Upper Level (8-11) to provide test-takers with an age-appropriate challenge. Students take the test the year before they plan to enroll in a new school. For instance, a third-grader who takes the exam is hoping to attend a private school beginning in fourth grade.

Most schools consider more than one factor in their admission decisions, but a good performance on the SSAT is certainly one way to help your student's applicant stand out in a crowd. Every Virginia Beach SSAT class we provide goes over both the academics and the strategy on the exam, equipping students to face test day with confidence. Continue reading to discover more about how our service may be able to help you.

What subjects does a Virginia Beach SSAT course typically review?

All levels of the SSAT contain the same five sections: Experimental, Writing, Quantitative (Math on the Elementary Level SSAT), Reading, and Verbal. The SSAT's Experimental section consists of unscored test items that the manufacturer uses to evaluate questions for future exams. Therefore, there are only four sections that test-takers need to concern themselves with in their prep. Here is a comprehensive breakdown of what you can expect on each section:

1. Writing

The Writing section of the SSAT serves to measure a student's written communication skills, including organization, clarity of expression, and command of English language conventions (punctuation, grammar, spelling, etc.). It is not scored but instead submitted as a writing sample with every application you send out. Kids taking the Elementary Level SSAT have 15 minutes to write a short story about a picture in their test booklet. The directions also remind them to include a beginning, middle, and end in their work. Students taking the Middle Level SSAT have 25 minutes to write a response to one of two creative writing prompts. Older students taking the Upper Level SSAT also get 25 minutes but choose from a creative writing or traditional essay prompt instead of two creative options.

2. Quantitative

The Quantitative sections test a student's command of age-appropriate mathematical concepts. Kids at the Elementary Level are tested on basic concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions. They need to respond to 30 multiple-choice items in 30 minutes. Both the Middle and Upper Level SSAT incorporate more advanced fields such as algebra, data analysis, geometry, and probability. The Quantitative section is split into two subsections, each containing 25 multiple-choice items in 30 minutes (50 questions in one hour total). Calculators are not permissible on any SSAT exam, so students shouldn't count on technology handling the arithmetic for them.

3. Reading

The Reading section measures a test-taker's reading comprehension skills through a series of passage-based multiple-choice items. Students at all levels must identify a passage's main idea and supporting details, use context to work out an unfamiliar word's definition, and differentiate between figurative and literal language. Older students must also critically analyze arguments and draw valid conclusions based on the evidence in a passage. Elementary Level SSAT test-takers have 30 minutes to answer 28 questions (seven passages with four questions each), while older students have a total of 40 items to answer over 40 minutes.

4. Verbal

The Verbal section assesses a student's vocabulary knowledge through a series of multiple-choice questions pertaining to analogies and synonyms. Since it's basically impossible to memorize what every word in the English language means, students are advised to study word roots, suffixes, and prefixes to help them figure out what a new word might mean. Children taking the Elementary Level SSAT have 20 minutes to answer 30 questions, and older students have half an hour to answer 60 questions.

What are some of the benefits of taking a Virginia Beach SSAT course?

Every Virginia Beach SSAT class we provide entails in-depth instruction on the academic concepts that appear on the test, practice questions to give students a sense of what to expect, and proven test-taking tips that can help students feel more comfortable on test day. If your student gets intimidated by numbers, their instructor might teach them ways to make math seem more approachable. Similarly, reading the questions before their associated passage on the exam's Reading section can make it easier to identify the information you're looking for.

Each Virginia Beach SSAT class also takes place online on our exclusive live virtual platform. Our platform creates the illusion that your student, their teacher, and their classmates are all in the same room when they may in fact be miles apart. Asking for help is as easy as raising your hand, and students are free to interact with one another as well as their instructor.

Contrary to what you may believe, that's a good thing. Talking things over with a peer can promote a greater understanding of academic concepts than working exclusively with an adult. Explaining something to somebody else can also foster a more comprehensive view of a topic, making exercises such as outlining an essay prompt as a group more productive than they may initially seem. Having multiple students in the room also allows multiple people to split the cost of the class, making it more affordable than you might think. Best of all, you can arrange private sessions with the teacher if your student seems to be falling behind.

We also make all of our products as convenient as possible. New courses start up every week, and two-week and four-week sessions are available to fit into nearly any student's schedule.

Can I sign up for a Virginia Beach SSAT course today?

Simply reach out to a knowledgeable educational consultant using the information below to get the enrollment process started. Varsity Tutors looks forward to enrolling you in a Virginia Beach SSAT course that meets your needs today!

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