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If your student will be applying to a private or independent school, then you should probably start thinking about a Raleigh-Durham SSAT prep course. Because many schools require SSAT scores with applications, this test is most likely something that your child will need to take. No matter which school your child might be applying to, it's important that they achieve their highest potential score to showcase their abilities. There are multiple levels of the SSAT, and your child will take the test that applies to their age group and educational level. These levels include an Elementary Level SSAT, a Middle Level SSAT, and an Upper Level SSAT.

The Elementary level SSAT is for students in the third grade applying to an independent or private school for their fourth grade. Additionally, fourth-grade students may take the Elementary Level SSAT if they're applying for entrance into independent schools for their fifth-grade education. The Middle Level SSAT is available for fifth, sixth and seventh-grade students who wish to apply to an independent middle school for their following educational year. Finally, the Upper Level SSAT is for students from eighth grade all the way to eleventh grade. Upon taking the Upper Level SSAT, these students may attend independent high schools in their following educational years of study.

Each level of the SSAT is slightly different, although the Elementary Level SSAT has the least in common with the other two levels - at least in structure. The Elementary has only four sections plus an experimental section, while the other two levels feature five sections plus an experimental section. All levels require a writing section of some kind. Quantitative Reasoning is also a common subject tested across all levels, as are Reading and Verbal skills. The Upper and Middle SSAT levels have two Quantitative sections, while the Elementary has only one Quantitative section that is combined with Math. In addition, the Elementary Level SSAT should take less time to complete with a time limit of one hour and fifty minutes. Both the Upper and Middle Levels of the SSAT have longer time limits of two hours and fifty minutes.

What Might A Raleigh-Durham SSAT Course Cover?

When your child enrolls in an SSAT course, they'll be welcomed into a virtual classroom filled with other students who are also studying for the SSAT. Your child will be guided through the study process by a highly-qualified instructor with expert knowledge of the SSAT. This instructor will have a detailed understanding of the SSAT from top to bottom. Upon completion of the SSAT course, your child will be better equipped to tackle the SSAT of their chosen level. This course can help them gain a deeper understanding of the general structure of the test, the types of questions involved in each section, and strategies that help children approach the SSAT with confidence.

The Elementary Level SSAT comprises of four sections. The first section is Quantitative/Math. This portion of the exam contains 30 questions and has a time limit of 30 minutes. Basic math concepts will be covered. Next is the Verbal section, which also includes 30 questions and a time limit of 30 minutes. The questions cover the English language, including word relationships, synonyms, and more. The Reading section also covers topics related to English and involves 28 questions with a time limit of 30 minutes. Most of the questions revolve around reading comprehension, including the meaning of specific words and the main idea of the passage as a whole. Finally, the Writing section contains just one question with a time limit of 15 minutes. Students are asked to write a story with a clear beginning, middle, and end.

The Middle level SSAT comprises of five different areas of focus. The Writing Sample section has a time limit of 25 minutes with one single question. Students are given two creative scenarios and are asked to choose one as the basis for a story. Students will be scored on the organization of their story, basic grammar, and other writing concepts. The Middle Level SSAT features two separate Quantitative sections, both comprising of 25 questions with 30 minutes each. Students will need to deal with basic algebra, geometry, probability, and other topics. The Reading portion contains 40 questions with a time limit of 40 minutes. Students will be asked to assess narrative and argumentative passages. The Verbal section comprises of 60 questions with a time limit of 30 minutes and deals with English concepts, such as analogies and synonyms.

The Upper Level SSAT also comprises of five sections. The Writing segment has a time limit of 25 minutes. Students will be asked to choose between a creative and traditional essay. Students will be graded on persuasive writing techniques, as well as supporting a statement with examples. Like the Middle Level SSAT, the Quantitative section is split into two sections, each with 25 questions and a time limit of 30 minutes. Students will be graded on slightly more advanced math concepts compared to Middle Level SSAT questions. These include plane geometry, areas of polygons, fractions, and more. The Reading portion of the exam includes 40 questions with a time limit of 40 minutes. This section is also similar to the Middle Level SSAT but deals with more advanced concepts, such as determining the author's attitudes, purpose, and tone. The Verbal section is also quite similar to the Middle Level SSAT but deals with more advanced concepts, such as prefixes and suffixes.

How Can A Raleigh-Durham SSAT Course Help Me Study?

A Raleigh-Durham SSAT Course is beneficial in many ways. First of all, there are proven benefits from a collaborative learning process, and your child will learn from other students through interaction and asking questions. SSAT courses also allow the student to get extra help from their instructors in a one-on-one setting if they're struggling with specific concepts.

How Can I Book A Raleigh-Durham SSAT Class?

Booking an SSAT class is easy. Choose from a two-week course or a four-week course, and your child can jump straight in with new classes starting every week. You can also choose from a wide range of time slots for your students. This is perfect if your child has a busy schedule filled with sports or other extra-curricular activities. Contact Varsity Tutors today to learn more about how a Raleigh-Durham SSAT class can benefit your student.

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