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If you are seeking assistance for the SSAT, then you should contact Varsity Tutors to enroll in a Milwaukee SSAT prep course. The SSAT is an admission test that students who are seeking acceptance into an independent or private school often complete. Your student will test on one of the three levels based on their current level of education. The levels are Upper, Middle, and Elementary and they measure your child's math, reading, and verbal skills. Private and independent schools use the results of the SSAT to compare applicants and assess their skills. You want to make sure that your student is prepared to take the SSAT so they can score their best on the exam and impress prospective schools.

The SSAT is comprised of six sections for the Middle and Upper Level and five sections for the Elementary Level. The sections cover general education subjects are titled the same on each level of the test. However, the content of the exam is geared to your student's age and grade level in school. Each of the six sections has a set time allotment as well as a set number of questions, question type, and response type that applies to the material.

The Quantitative Reasoning section of the SSAT has two parts for Middle and Upper Level students, and there is no calculator usage allowed on this section at any level of the exam. The Writing and Experimental sections of the SSAT are not graded and are not a part in the final comprehensive score.

What materials are covered in a Milwaukee prep class?

The Elementary Level of the SSAT is available for students who are seeking admission into third and fourth grades. Material included in your Milwaukee SSAT class will cover the same topics that are on the actual exam. For example, the Writing Section in the Elementary Level will ask your student to create a story from a picture. Your student's class will address the topics of English, grammar, vocabulary, organizational skills, language understanding, and word relationships. These concepts are also addressed in the Verbal and Reading Section of the exam. Quantitative Reasoning tests your student's mathematical skills. Topics, such as basic math and number sense, which are included in Quantitative Reasoning, are also covered in the prep class. Children are encouraged to guess at answers they are unsure of because they are not penalized for an incorrect answer.

The Middle section is for students who are seeking admission into fifth through seventh grade. Your student will have also have a Writing section where they are asked to write a story; however, the writing prompt for your student to choose from is not in picture form. The written work must demonstrate their use of English skills, proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Because the Verbal and Reading sections have skills, such as thought organization, main idea, purpose, and tone that are also used in the Writing section, the in-depth assistance from a Milwaukee SSAT course can be very beneficial to your student. Quantitative Reasoning has two parts that have central mathematical concepts that includes algebra, data analysis, operations, numbers, and probability.

Finally, the Upper Level of the exam is available for students seeking admission into grades eight to eleven. The Writing section of the SSAT will ask your student to read from a prompt and expound on one of two responses. The response that your student composes must include persuasive writing techniques and the use of relevant examples that show support of their position. The Milwaukee SSAT course will address these topics. Some topics, like English, grammar, and essay writing, are also found in the Verbal Section. Both parts of the Quantitative Reasoning will focus on mathematical topics that include arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. Finally, the Reading section requires for your student to demonstrate their skills to interpret meaning and information from passages in literary fiction, the humanities, science, and social studies.

How can a Milwaukee SSAT class be beneficial for my child?

Once your child enrolls in an online Milwaukee SSAT class, their live online classes start with an instructor who is considered an expert with online instruction. The interaction between the other students who learn along with your student provides the opportunity for collaborative learning and possible group projects. Collaborative learning is a unique learning technique in which your student can study in-depth information about challenging areas with others. Varsity Tutors Milwaukee SSAT class gives the student the opportunity to work one-on-one with their teacher for additional individual support when they use the Live Learning Platform.

The Varsity Tutors Milwaukee SSAT course opens the doors to additional benefits beyond your student's current SSAT needs. The teachers work alongside your student to explore other related elements that your student will encounter within their educational journey. They will receive practice using various tips and test-taking strategies, and the Live Learning Platform allows them the opportunity to share techniques and subject information they have learned throughout their learning experience with their peers.

Another benefit of the prep course is accessibility. Because the Milwaukee SSAT courses are online, your student can participate in any location that offers internet access. Because of the online convenience, you do not have to consider carpooling or driving in traffic for your student to receive professional SSAT preparation assistance.

Where can I find information about a Milwaukee SSAT class?

If you contact Varsity Tutors, you can directly connect with an educational consultant who can provide more information about a Milwaukee SSAT class and the enrollment process. New Milwaukee SSAT classes start every week. You may choose from class schedules that run in 2-week or 4-week sessions, depending on your student's availability. Varsity Tutors can also enroll your student into weekend classes if those times work better with your student's schedule. There are many various class times and schedule options so that you can find preparation options that can easily fit into your student's busy life. Don't hesitate, give Varsity Tutors a call today.

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