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Varsity Tutors can give you the hands-on assistance you need to prepare for the Securities Industries Essentials Exam by setting you up with a Virginia Beach SIE prep program. These programs are designed to help prepare you for the Essentials Exam, a comprehensive test that everyone has to take in order to work in the securities industry. Because of the importance of the SIE Exam, it's common for students to feel pressured and stressed as they study through its content. Even people enrolled in finical degree programs at top schools like Regent University have struggled with this assessment, but you can reduce your chances of feeling stressed and overwhelmed on test day by enrolling in a Virginia Beach SIE prep class or working with a private tutor. Let's look at how both options can help.

What concepts will be covered during Virginia Beach SIE prep?

There are two versions of Virginia Beach prep that are offered: enrolling in an online Virginia Beach SIE prep course or working privately with a personal tutor. The primary goal for both of these programs is to help prepare you for the actual assessment. As such, you can expect for both methods of instruction to cover the content that you'll encounter when it comes time to take the Essentials Exam.

The Essentials Exam is a 1 hour and 45-minute assessment. It consists of 75 multiple-choice questions, and in order to pass the test, you need to receive a 70% or above. Unfortunately, too many students struggle with the SIE Exam and other standardized tests. Not because they don't know the content, but because they're not good at taking these types of assessments. One of the major advantages you will receive by participating in a prep program is learning how to mentally prepare for test day. Your personal tutor or classroom instructor will share tips and advice designed to improve your test-taking skills, study habits, and organizational skills. That way, you have a better likelihood of feeling confident and clear-headed on test day.

You can also expect to learn all the core SIE concepts in the prep programs as well. Regardless of which type of instruction you choose, you'll have the opportunity to engage in in-depth study sessions talking about the functions of regulatory agencies, the structure of the securities industry market, and any other essential concepts that you'll see on the test.

What are the benefits of the different types of Virginia Beach SIE prep?

Above everything else, the number-one benefit you can expect from these programs is to prepare for the Essentials Exam. Of course, how you prepare differs greatly depending on whether you study privately or as part of a class.

Are you someone who values in-depth discussions and group work? If social interaction is an important part of your learning experience, you might be best suited for a Virginia Beach prep class. Here, you'll be enrolled in a virtual classroom on our Live Learning Platform. With the help of high-tech tools like video chat and virtual whiteboards, you'll prepare for test day under the guidance of a professional instructor. As you master essential concepts like Equity Securities, Monetary vs. Fiscal Policy, and Anti-money Laundering Laws, you'll have the opportunity to partner up with classmates also studying for the SIE Exam. Many students find this to be an effective way to learn, as it gives you a platform to share ideas, exchange information, and solve problems with their peers.

If you're interested in a study program that puts you in the driver's seat, giving you control over the speed and direction of the lessons, we can help you find a Virginia Beach SIE tutor. This method of instruction is perfect for people who want to focus on specific areas or concepts they've had a hard time learning. That's because a private instructor can spend extra time covering the stuff you don't know, while completely skipping over the concepts you've already mastered. As a result, you spend your time more efficiently while working with someone who understands your personal goals and desired outcomes.

How can I get set up with Virginia Beach SIE preparation?

Once you've decided it's time to benefit from a more interactive learning experience, it's time to actually get started. Fortunately, getting set up is easy. Simply contact Varsity Tutors and ask for more information about the Virginia Beach SIE prep programs. An educational consultant is standing by to answer any questions you have, and if you're ready to begin, they can enroll you in an SIE prep course or help you find a tutor that's able to work around your busy schedule.

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