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If your student is planning to enroll in an independent school, Varsity Tutors can help set them up with a Tampa ISEE course. The ISEE is used by a number of independent and private schools as part of their entry requirements. Many top schools look at the results of this exam to help them make admissions-based decisions. Scoring well on this exam is important for standing out from the other applicants, increasing your student's chances of getting into their first-pick school.

The ISEE is a challenging standardized test given to elementary, middle, and high school students applying to select private and independent schools. For many students, this test is one of the first times they'll take a standardized test. Those unfamiliar with the comprehensive format of the test may become overwhelmed when preparing for the ISEE, which is why we recommend having your student prepare by enrolling in a Tampa ISEE class. That way, they can receive adequate guidance and assistance when preparing for this challenging assessment.

Our Tampa ISEE course is designed to help students holistically prepare for test day. Not only do the review them math, reading, verbal, and writing skills covered on the assessment, they also get to learn test-taking strategies and study habits to help them learn to utilize their time more efficiently. The lessons are conducted online, under the guidance of a professional instructor who can help your student overcome any challenges standing in their way.

What could a Tampa ISEE course help my student review?

Our course is designed to help students prepare for the material covered on the actual test. Your student will be assigned a course based on their grade level. If they're entering 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade, they'll study for the Primary Level test. Students entering 5th or 6th-grade study for the Lower Level test, those entering 7th and 8th grade prepare for the Middle Level test, and students entering 9th grade or above will study the Upper Level test. While the actual material varies depending on the level of the test, most subjects on the ISEE are relatively the same. They look at math, reading comprehension, writing, and verbal skills. Let's look dig deeper into the different tests.

The Primary Level ISEE consists of four sections: Auditory Comprehension, Reading, Math, and Writing. Students are given a number of questions looking at general arithmetic, basic reading comprehension relative to their grade level, a short listening exercise on fiction and nonfiction topics, and a brief creative writing sample.

The Lower, Middle, and Upper Level ISEE versions all have the same structure: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Math Achievement, and an Essay section. For the Lower Level test, the Verbal Reasoning section requires students to use contextual clues to complete sentences and define vocabulary words. Middle and Upper Level versions of the Verbal Reasoning section are a bit more challenging, requiring students to identify synonyms; understand meanings by their Greek, Anglo-Saxon, and Latin root words; and identify different parts of speech.

The Quantitative Reasoning portion of the test evaluates your student's understanding of various math problems. Lower levels will need to know basic arithmetic, geometry, and probability, while Middle and Upper Levels should be able to solve equations, calculate measurements, and solve problems regarding data analysis and probability. This portion of the test is different from the Math Achievement section, which looks at specific mathematical topics like algebra, prime numbers, and fractions.

For the Reading Comprehension section of the test, your student will be evaluated on their ability to identify and extract information from reading passages. Lower Level test-takers need to understand key information and the main idea of the reading passage, while Middle and Upper Level students are expected to make inferences, know the difference between literal and figurative language, and identifying cause-and-effect relationships.

Finally, there's the Writing section. This part of the test looks at your student's written English skills. To perform well on this part of the test, students should be able to use correct grammar and spelling, as well as properly structure their essay so that the information flows smoothly and is easy to read. Upper, Middle, and Lower Level students are encouraged to use this section to tell prospective schools more about themselves.

How does a Tampa ISEE class help my student prepare?

Many students prefer an interactive learning experience over memorizing definitions and important information. Our Tampa ISEE class is designed with these students in mind and is structured in a way to offer the perfect blend between instructor-driven lessons and peer collaboration. When enrolled, your student is given the unique opportunity to work alongside similar pupils also studying for the ISEE. This gives them a network of peers they can collaborate with to overcome obstacles, share information, and motive each other to succeed.

What's more, since our Tampa ISEE course is conducted exclusively online, your student never has to worry about cramming a study session into their busy schedule. The courses are designed to be as flexible as possible, which means students are able to log in at a time that works best for them. And best of all, the only thing your student needs is internet access to participate in the virtual classroom.

How can I find Tampa ISEE prep course for my student?

Now that we've covered the basics of this course, it's time to decide whether it's the best choice for your student. Are they someone who prefers to learn alongside classmates, rather than memorize flash cards and read study packets? If so, then this course could help them get the understanding they need to prepare for test day. Once you're ready to get started, contact Varsity Tutors and ask one of our friendly professionals for more information about the Tampa ISEE course. They'll help you find a program that works best for your student's schedule.

Don't hold off any longer. Call Varsity Tutors today and see how we can help prepare your student for the ISEE in an efficient and effective way!

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