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Help your student prepare for the SSAT by enrolling them in an Albuquerque SSAT course provided by Varsity Tutors. For many grade school students, the SSAT is one of the first times they'll take a standardized test. This comprehensive assessment is given to students between the 3rd and 11th grade who are looking to go to one of many top private or independent schools. Performing well on this test is instrumental in helping your student stand out from other applicants, increasing their chances of getting accepted into a top school.

There's a lot of information to cover on the SSAT. As such, students unfamiliar with standardized tests often have trouble prioritizing and reviewing information by themselves. Some even become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of material covered on the assessment, which touches on a number of subjects taught over the course of elementary, middle, or high school. However, students enrolled in an Albuquerque SSAT class often have an advantage over those who self-study. They study under the guidance of a professional instructor who can break down the test material and help them create study plans that use time more efficiently. Courses cover the topics on the exam in depth.

Depending on your student's grade level, they'll take one of three SSAT versions: Elementary Level, Middle Level, and Upper Level. The subjects covered on each of these assessments is roughly the same, but the content becomes more challenging as the level increases. Students in 4th and 5th grade will take the Elementary test. If your student is between 5th and 7th grade, they need to prepare for the Middle Level test. If they're between 8th and 11th grade, they take the Upper Level test.

What could an Albuquerque SSAT course help my student review?

Our courses are designed to prepare students for the material presented on the test. As such, they'll study all the subjects covered in the SSAT for their level. And since the SSAT is standardized, the topics are relatively the same regardless of the test level. All assessments contain a Reading, Writing, Quantitative, and Verbal section, as well as an Experimental portion that isn't graded and is used to help the test creators prepare new questions. Let's take a look at each section more thoroughly.

The Reading Section looks at your student's ability to understand reading passages and extract data from them. Elementary students will be required to read a collection of passages and summarize the general idea, as well as define words using contextual clues and pinpointing important information. Middle Level students need to make inferences and predictions based on their passages in addition to evaluating various opinions and arguments. The Upper Level test is a bit more challenging, requiring students to make in-depth predictions about the story, describe the author's intention, and scrutinize opinions and arguments.

For the Writing Section, your student needs to demonstrate their command over written English by writing a short story. Regardless of the level, every student will be assessed on their grammar, punctuation, spelling, and their ability to organize their thoughts. Elementary and Middle Level students will be asked to write stories based on creative writing prompts, whereas Upper Level test takers have the option of choosing between a creative writing exercise or a traditional essay.

The Quantitative Section looks at your student's math skills. For Elementary Level test takers, this means solving problems using basic arithmetic and simple concepts regarding fractions and geometry. The Middle Level test is a bit more challenging, diving deeper into algebra and geometry, where students have to use formulas to calculate things like area and perimeter. The Upper Level exam covers most of the concepts taught in high school math, like algebraic word problems, data analysis and probability, and more complex graphing questions.

Finally, there's the Verbal Section. This portion of the SSAT looks at your student's understanding of the English language and the different meanings between similar words. Elementary students are assessed on word relationships and analogies, while Middle Level test takers will look more at the structure of words and determine their role in speech based on context. Upper Level students will find this section particularly challenging, as they'll need to look at various Greek, Latin, and Anglo-Saxon root words to correctly define key vocabulary and use those words correctly.

How does an Albuquerque SSAT class help my student prepare?

Not everyone enjoys learning through workbooks and memorization. Some students find this boring and unengaging, and they don't devote their full attention to studying as a result. If your student is someone who learns best through collaboration and engagement, the Albuquerque SSAT class is an excellent way for them to study. They will get to learn in a virtual classroom by attending sessions with a skilled lecturer, in addition to collaborating with other classmates also studying for the test.

Another great feature of the Albuquerque SSAT course is convenience. Lessons are conducted online, which means that your student can study anywhere and anytime provided they have an internet connection. They don't have to worry about fitting their study sessions in their busy schedules. This level of accessibility and convenience is instrumental in reducing any stress associated with the learning experience, which can help ensure students feel calm and collected on the days leading up to the test.

How can I find an Albuquerque SSAT prep course for my student?

Now that we've talked about the benefits of the course, let's look at how you can get started. Is your student someone who values engagement, student-teacher interaction, and flexibility? If so, great! Signing them up for this course could improve their chances of scoring high on the test. You can take the next step by contacting Varsity Tutors and asking for more information about the Albuquerque SSAT course. Our helpful educational consultants are standing by, happy to assist you in enrolling your student into a program that helps him or her get ahead. Put your student on the track towards success by contacting us today!

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