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Actuarial Exam LTAM prep from Varsity Tutors works with you to help you prepare for this important exam. As you work toward becoming an actuary, Actuarial Exam LTAM prep is a potent way for you to receive both the instruction and resources you need to prepare well. We have designed our Actuarial Exam LTAM test prep to be both convenient and centered on you.

The Actuarial Exam LTAM expects that those taking exam will have done a series of supplemental readings. Your Actuarial Exam LTAM test prep can help you prepare for these and other aspects of the test. Below is an example of some of the supplemental readings that you are expected to complete before the exam:

Here are some of the skills you'll need to demonstrate during the Actuarial Exam LTAM:

Expected Existing Knowledge Cross-Section (Non-Comprehensive)

  • Describe the long-term coverages in insurance (life, health, and general), annuities,
    and retirement benefits (e.g. pensions, retiree health care, etc.)
  • Explain and interpret survival models and transitioning between states.
  • Calculate and interpret probabilities, means, variances, and percentiles.
  • Calculate premiums based on the equivalence principle, the portfolio percentile
    the premium principle, and profit testing
  • Calculate and interpret various reserve types
  • Describe retiree health care plans

All Actuarial Exam LTAM classes take place online through our Live Learning Platform. This makes attendance far easier. You are able to attend your Actuarial Exam LTAM class from anywhere with an internet connection. When you register for an Actuarial Exam LTAM course, we will work to pair you with an instructor who fits your schedule as well as possible. We want our Actuarial Exam LTAM tutoring to be convenient so as to remove any logistical challenges from your preparation.

Your Actuarial Exam LTAM preparation is based around your needs. Because you are the only student in each session, you and your instructor can base your time around your learning goals, your learning style, and your abilities. The feedback you receive during your Actuarial Exam LTAM test preparation can also be attuned to specific abilities and personality. You don't have to spend time during Actuarial Exam LTAM classes learning information that is already familiar to you. You are able to focus on the parts of the test that are most challenging for you and learn in ways that help the information stick for you.

Actuarial Exam LTAM courses are also a great opportunity to brush up on your test-taking strategies. Actuarial Exam LTAM tutors can help you develop strategies designed for this specific test. Helping you develop a greater understanding of test-taking strategies during your Actuarial Exam LTAM prep can help you feel more confident and help you to display your knowledge of the material as fully as possible.

In addition to helping you understand the test content and test-taking strategies, Actuarial Exam LTAM test prep can help you develop study skills. Whether in your academic or professional career, study skills can be a great benefit to you. If you struggle to make a study plan or to execute that plan, Actuarial Exam LTAM classes can help you increase your competence in these important abilities.

Actuarial Exam LTAM test prep from Varsity Tutors works with you and for you to help you pursue your goals. Actuarial Exam LTAM prep offers convenient and effective private tutoring that works for your needs. If you are interested in the benefits at Actuarial Exam LTAM prep offers, you can contact an educational consultant online or over the phone today. They can answer any questions you have or help you register.

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