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Actuarial Exam IFM prep from Varsity Tutors works to help you pursue your study goals. Actuarial Exam IFM prep takes place online, matches you with a skilled tutor, and works according to your needs. We want to help you make the most of your Actuarial Exam IFM test prep.

As you work through your Actuarial Exam IFM test prep, you can develop a greater understanding of the requirements of the exam. The Actuarial Exam IFM is a three hour, 30 question multiple-choice test that is administered via computer. In addition to a thorough understanding of statistical and financial formulas, functions, and other information, you are expected to have read a variety of materials upon which you will be tested. Below are examples of two of the study notes you are expected to have read for the exam:

IFM Exam Topics

  • Explaining cash flow characteristics and terms as they relate to various options
  • Applying option strategies in risk management context
  • Understanding option prices
  • Understanding no arbitrage and risk-neutral approaches for derivative securities valuation
  • Using the Binomial Option Pricing Model
  • Explaining how lognormal distribution applies to option pricing
  • Understanding the Black-Scholes Formula
  • Using option price partial derivatives
  • Using options to hedge
  • Using options and other derivative products for actuarial risk management

Actuarial Exam IFM class takes place on our Live Learning Platform. This means that you are able to attend your Actuarial Exam IFM course from anywhere with an internet connection. Also, when you register for Actuarial Exam IFM tutoring, we can connect you to a tutor who fits your schedule as well as possible. Logistical problems can make studying for any exam difficult, and we want to alleviate as many of those concerns as we can.

To help you make the most of your Actuarial Exam IFM preparation, your needs are the focus of each session. Because everyone learns differently, your instructor for your Actuarial Exam IFM test preparation can assess your academic abilities and learning style as you develop your study plan. This personalized focus means that Actuarial Exam IFM classes are able to adapt to your needs as you study. As you go through Actuarial Exam IFM courses, you and your instructor are able to change your plan based on the information you are learning and your situation.

Actuarial Exam IFM tutors are able to work with you on test-taking strategies as well. Because of the scope of the exam and the time constraints, being able to organize your time effectively is an important part of your preparation. Your Actuarial Exam IFM prep can be a resource that offers test-taking strategies specific to this exam. Additionally, Actuarial Exam IFM prep is a great way to develop your study skills. Whether you struggle with making a study plan, executing a study plan, or assessing your progress, you can work with your instructor to make the most of this study experience. These study skills can be applied not just to this exam but to many other areas of your academic or professional career.

Varsity Tutors understands that the Actuarial Exam IFM is an important part of your professional career. As you work toward being certified to be an actuary, we offer Actuarial Exam IFM test prep. Actuarial Exam IFM test prep provides individualized, convenient, and robust private tutoring that is devoted to your particular needs. If you want to make the most of your Actuarial Exam IFM test prep, contact an Educational Consultant today. They would be glad to answer any questions you have and to help you register.

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