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Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) is a qualified professional who is able to provide appropriate and effective recreational therapy services. To become a CTRS, you must pass an exam that utilizes a scope of practice that is based on applied methodology and theoretical constructs. The exam will also address a broad range of illnesses and disabling conditions. Varsity Tutors provides individualized CTRS classes, working with you on a personal level, providing you with the specific study skills necessary to not only pass the exam, but to develop a knowledge base imperative to moving your career forward.

By passing the NCTRC exam, the CTRS becomes a certified recreational therapist who has demonstrated professional competence by acquiring a specific body of knowledge utilized in their everyday career. Varsity Tutors CTRS courses take a critical set of skills and competencies, and break them down in a fashion appropriate for your personal learning style. In your practice, the knowledge gained from working with a tutor in a CTRS class will allow you to fully examine the individual you work with, along with the life factors associated with a specific illness or disability. The CTRS course prepares you to serve as a member of the treatment teams working with your clients. These treatment teams can include other healthcare professionals, the patient, family members, and personal care workers. The knowledge you acquire through your test prep can profoundly impact the effectiveness and efficiency of service outcomes and individualized patient care.

CTRS preparation will allow you to address a wide scope of disabling conditions and illnesses. The certification indicates to employers and members of the public that you have met the educational, experiential and professional requirements necessary to be a qualified provider of recreational therapy services.

Your CTRS test preparation can help you determine which of the two paths offered, Academic Path or the Equivalency Path, is most appropriate for your learning style. Once you decide which path you will take, CTRS test prep can begin. Your preparation might include practice exam questions, such as the ones you see below.

  • A client states: "I don't want to try this new activity because I don't think I can do it." Which of the following statements is an example of a CTRS response using the reflective listening technique?
    • "Would you like to explore alternative activities?"
    • "How do you feel about this activity?"
    • "Why don't you try the activity; most clients enjoy it."
    • "Do you think that you lack the skills to participate?"
  • When a CTRS is designing an aquatic therapy program for individuals with multiple sclerosis, the MOST important concern should be the
    • intensity and duration of the swimming class
    • availability of adaptive equipment
    • number of clients in the group
    • clients' premorbid leisure interests

Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists work with a broad group of client populations. CTRS prep class can work with you to determine what service setting, out of the diverse workplaces, could be most appropriate for you; from hospitals and nursing facilities, to community parks and recreation and residential settings. CTRS test prep is available to provide you with on the spot feedback. This enable you to move most efficiently through your studies. As you work with your CTRS tutor, you will be able to determine what precise tools and methodologies are most appropriate for your learning style.This will help you to feel confident going into your exam; but most importantly, CTRS test prep offers you life long study skills focused on your personal learning needs. As with any exam you take in life, the time you spend on your CTRS test preparation can increase your confidence, test taking abilities, and skill level. CTRS tutoring can be focused on any and all deficits or skill sets needing attention. This type of individual attention is what make Varsity Tutors special.

Please contact Varsity Tutors today. We look forward to working with you in determining what is the most appropriate, efficient, and effective way to complete your CTRS test prep.

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