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If you've been searching for a Sacramento ISEE class for your student, Varsity Tutors is here to help. An entrance exam, such as the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE), is frequently part of the admissions process for many independent and magnet schools across the United States. Students at nearly every grade level can register for the appropriate version which is assigned using their age-range. A Sacramento ISEE course can benefit students from elementary school through high school.

A Sacramento ISEE prep course provides many advantages to students compared to studying alone. With a collaborative online format, several students are taught by an instructor who has in-depth knowledge of the proper version of the ISEE. No matter what grade level your student is in, Varsity Tutors will make sure your student enrolls in a Sacramento ISEE course that can help them improve the skills they will need to utilize during the exam.

The ISEE levels are broken down into six different stages that include three variations of Primary Level as well as a Lower Level, Middle Level, and Upper Level. There's a Sacramento ISEE course for every version of the exam.

What will be covered during the Sacramento ISEE course?

All versions of the ISEE will test a student's skills in math, reading, vocabulary, and writing. A Sacramento ISEE course can cover all of these areas and provide your student with tools and tips to help them improve their abilities in these subjects. For a more thorough understanding of what your student will find on the exam, let's explore each version and the types of questions asked in each section.

The Upper Level ISEE is designed for students applying to independent high schools (9th grade and above). The first section is Verbal Reasoning, which includes 40 questions to be answered in 20 minutes. This segment is meant to evaluate English skills by incorporating synonym questions along with questions that will require students to complete and correct sentences. The Quantitative Reasoning section has 37 questions that must be completed within 35 minutes. This section will challenge a student's math abilities by asking them questions related to subjects such as data analysis, variables, and exponents. The Reading Comprehension section is comprised of 36 questions with a time limit of 35 minutes. Students will have to answer questions based on written passages that will challenge the student's vocabulary and their ability to interpret the author's tone and intention. The Math Achievement portion of the exam has 47 questions with an allotted time of 40 minutes. Your student will be tested on topics such as algebra, geometry, and probability. The Essay section of the exam presents the student with a writing prompt and asks them to complete an essay within 30 minutes. Their response will be evaluated by how well-organized the piece is and whether or not they use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

The Middle Level ISEE is meant for students seeking to enroll in middle school at grade 7 or 8. The sections, time allowed, and overall number of questions is identical to the Upper Level ISEE. However, the content of the questions differs considerably from the aforementioned exam. The Verbal Reasoning includes middle and high-school level vocabulary. Knowing prefixes, suffixes, and roots from Greek and Latin will help students to determine the correct answers. For the Quantitative Reasoning section, students will be asked questions related to topics including geometry and measurement. Some of the concepts they face will address percents, square roots, and calculating the area of quadrilaterals. The Reading Comprehension segment will be similar to the Upper Level, but the passages will include content that is appropriate for the grade level. Literal and figurative language is an example of something that needs to be well understood. The Math Achievement section will include grade-appropriate concepts such as the use of a Venn Diagram and ratios. The Essay prompt will give your student an opportunity to showcase who they are and the unique voice they will bring to any school they attend. The Lower Level ISEE is for students entering 5th or 6th grade and has the same layout as the previous two versions.

The Primary Level ISEE has three different levels: Primary 2, Primary 3, and Primary 4. All three levels have a Reading section, Math section, and Writing Sample section. The Reading section will test the student's reading comprehension and vocabulary by asking multiple-choice questions about written passages. For the writing samples, students will be prompted to write a story about a picture shown to them.

How can a Sacramento ISEE course help with exam preparation?

An ISEE course is conducted in an interactive, online setting. Varsity Tutors provides several options that allow you to fit the course into your busy calendar with new Sacramento ISEE courses starting every week. You can also choose between multiple course lengths since we provide both two and four-week sessions. Another benefit that stems from the course being taught in an online environment is that your student has the freedom to learn from your own home or the location that best suits their learning needs.

A Sacramento ISEE class will be led by an instructor who is qualified to teach the specific version of the ISEE that your student will be taking. Perhaps your student is struggling with a specific topic, such as data analysis or synonyms. The student can take advantage of one-on-one interactions with the instructor to help them better understand any subject or test section they find particularly difficult.

How can I find a Sacramento ISEE prep course?

Varsity Tutors can enroll your student in a Sacramento ISEE course that is geared towards maximizing your student's potential on the exam. Our flexible schedule gives you access to courses during the week and on the weekends. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help. Our educational consultants are available to answer your questions and enroll your student in a Sacramento ISEE course that can give them a better chance at earning their desired score on exam day.

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