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Students in the Pittsburgh area can get help preparing for their SAT with one of the in-depth Pittsburgh SAT prep options Varsity Tutors can connect you with. The SAT is a standardized exam that is usually taken by upper-grade high school students who are getting ready to apply to college. Students who do well on the SAT could have a more successful application cycle. A solid SAT score can also earn a student additional scholarship offers.

You may have decided to take the SAT if you attend a local school like Shady Side Academy or North Allegheny High School. However, preparing for this exam can be a challenging thing to do on your own because of its comprehensiveness. Varsity Tutors would love to help you get more out of your SAT study sessions and make progress towards your goals on the exam. You can reach out to us directly today if you're ready to get started with a Pittsburgh SAT prep option. Or, keep reading for more information on the SAT and how we can help you get ready for it.

What's covered on the SAT?

The SAT was designed to help colleges assess which of their applicants would do best in the collegiate environment. With this goal in mind, the test is split into a total of four sections, three of which are required. Math, Reading, and Writing and Language are the required portions of the SAT. The exam also has an optional Essay section. Each of these test sections requires a different academic skill set.

For example, the Math section of the SAT covers many of the most important math topics that you would've learned about throughout your academic career. You'll be asked questions on things like algebra, data analysis, and introductory advanced mathematics. The Math section is split into two parts, one of which allows test-takers to use a calculator and one that does not. You'll need to answer 58 total questions in a maximum of 80 minutes.

The Reading section of the exam is concerned with test-takers' reading comprehension skills. The multiple-choice questions on this section will all be based on a handful of written passages. You'll need to read the passages and then answer questions based on what you've read. The score that you earn on the Reading section will be combined with the score you earn on the Writing and Language section to form one combined 200 to 800 point score. The Writing and Language test section also features a number of written passages. However, some of the passages in this section will include graphs, tables, and charts. That means you'll need a slightly different skill set in order to do well on this part of the SAT.

Last, you may also decide to complete the exam's optional Essay section. If you do, then you'll have 50 minutes to finish it. You'll be asked to read a passage of writing and then craft an essay response to it. Your work will be graded based on the quality of your writing and the strength of the arguments that you make throughout your essay. You'll be scored on a 6 to 24 point scale.

How can Pittsburgh SAT preparation from Varsity Tutors help you get ready for the SAT?

As detailed in the section above, the SAT is a challenging exam to prepare for because it tests students on a wide variety of subjects. That's why signing up for Pittsburgh SAT prep from Varsity Tutors can be such a rewarding experience. You can choose between taking a Pittsburgh SAT prep course or working with a private tutor. Both of these options have unique benefits that are worth exploring.

For example, have you previously found success in the traditional classroom learning environment? If so, then taking a Pittsburgh SAT prep class could be right for you. Classes take place online through a virtual learning platform that replicates the classroom experience. You'll learn through a series of live lectures that are delivered by an expert instructor. A group of peers will take your course with you and you can interact with them to get even more out of your study sessions. If you're having trouble with a challenging topic, then you can sign up to work with your educator in a one-on-one setting to get extra assistance. This makes it easy to keep up with your classwork.

Or, you may prefer to work with a Pittsburgh SAT tutor. Tutoring could be the right option for you if you're someone who places a premium on working directly with their instructor. You and your educator can meet together for a series of one-on-one lessons that focus on the specific subjects that you need the most help with. For example, if you're struggling with the SAT Math section, then your tutor can spend extra time on this section and less time on a section that you may already understand. This creates a personalized learning experience that can make academic growth easier to achieve.

Your tutoring sessions can also help you to develop your general testing skill set as well. For example, the SAT is an exam with restrictive section time limits. Your educator can spend some time with you showing you how you can overcome this challenge by managing your time more efficiently on the day of your SAT. The skills that you learn during this process can be used in the future when you have to take a similarly challenging exam. Or, perhaps you've struggled a bit with test anxiety in the past. If so, your instructor can spend some time showing you exercises you can use to overcome test anxiety while taking the SAT or any exam you may take in the future. Thus, tutoring can be a very well-rounded learning experience that pays dividends well into the future.

Both of these options are flexible as well. If you're interested in working with a tutor, we'll do everything we can to connect you with someone who is able to work around the other important parts of your life. Similarly, there are numerous course options to choose from and new courses start weekly as well. If you prefer to take an SAT class then you can easily find one that fits within the confines of your schedule.

How can you get started?

Do you think that you would benefit from one of these Pittsburgh SAT prep options? If so, consider reaching out to Varsity Tutors today. We'd love to get you started with your preferred learning plan. We look forward to working with you and hope to hear from you soon.

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