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Varsity Tutors can help you receive your stockbroker license by setting you up with a Phoenix Series 7 exam prep program. All aspiring stockbrokers are required to take the Series 7 before they're able to buy and sell stocks for their clients. Because of the comprehensive nature of this test, many people struggle with preparing for it the first time. Even students enrolled in finance programs at institutions like Grand Canyon University and nearby Arizona State University have struggled with the Series 7 and its prerequisite test, the Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) exam. If you're worried about underperforming on test day, you can boost your understanding by enrolling in a Phoenix Series 7 exam prep class or working privately with a Series 7 tutor. That way, you don't have to go through the feelings of stress and uncertainty that comes with preparing for the assessment on your own.

What concepts will be covered during Phoenix Series 7 exam prep?

There are two types of Series 7 prep programs offered: private lessons with a personal tutor or participating in a virtual Phoenix Series 7 exam prep course. Both of these programs are designed to help students prepare for the licensing exam, which means the concepts covered are generally the same regardless of the method of instruction. Let's look at what you can expect from these two lessons.

The Series 7 exam is a multiple-choice test that evaluates your understanding of basic industry-related concepts you'll need to know as a securities representative. Topics covered in the Series 7 include the sale of corporate, municipal, and government securities; investment risks; taxation; and how to interact with clients, just to name a few. Ideally, these are all concepts you should have a working knowledge of since you're planning on working as a stockbroker. The Series 7 exam prep programs are designed to help refresh your memory on these concepts, but you can opt for intensive private lessons if you need an extensive refresher or need to learn some of these principles from scratch.

In order to pass the Series 7, you'll need to answer 125 questions within 225 minutes and earn a score of 72% or higher. Unfortunately, many people struggle with this, not because they don't know the material, but because they're unfamiliar with standardized tests. Joining a Series 7 exam prep course can help with test-prep as well, giving you tips and other valuable resources that can help you study and take standardized tests more efficiently. This can go a long way in reducing any stress and confusion you might experience as you read through the questions and answers.

What are the benefits of the different types of Phoenix Series 7 exam prep?

The primary benefit of these two programs is to prepare students for the actual exam. But because both learning opportunities are so different, there are a number of other advantages that come with each method of study. Let's take a look at some of these benefits.

Participating in a Series 7 exam prep course is a great way to learn important concepts through collaboration and teamwork. Here, you'll follow a set test-prep curriculum taught by an experienced professional instructor. As you go over important concepts like trade executions, customer disclosures, and retirement plans, you have the opportunity to work with other students also preparing for the Series 7. Together, you can come up with ideas, solutions to problems, and even share tips that can benefit everyone in the course. And if you're ever at a point where you feel lost, you can schedule extra time with your instructor to catch-up.

Working with a Phoenix Series 7 exam tutor gives you the chance to benefit from custom-tailored lessons built especially for you. Taking into account your goals, desired outcomes, and preferred learning styles, your tutor is able to create engaging study sessions that can identify key weaknesses, helping you overcome shortcomings more efficiently. You never have to worry about wasting time during private lessons, either. If you've already mastered a concept, you can skip right past it and devote your time to something else on the exam.

How can I get set up with Phoenix Series 7 exam preparation?

Now that we've covered the basics, are you ready to hear the good news? Joining an exam prep program has never been easier. Just contact Varsity Tutors and speak with one of our academic consultants about your Phoenix Series 7 exam prep options. They can answer any questions you have and can even immediately enroll you in a prep course or help you find a personal tutor who can accommodate your busy schedule. Call today!

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