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If you're an aspiring stockbroker preparing for the licensing assessment, Varsity Tutors can help by setting you up with a Philadelphia Series 7 exam prep program designed to help you study more efficiently. Everyone who plans on working as a stockbroker is required to pass the Series 7. This comprehensive exam covers all the essential topics you need to know as a broker, like investment risk, taxation, and packaged securities. As such, the journey to becoming a licensed stockbroker requires a lot of studying and a keen understanding of finance. Even students enrolled at institutions like Temple University and Drexel University can struggle with preparing for the Series 7. It's a comprehensive assessment that covers a wide range of topics. Fortunately, you can increase the quality of your preparation for the exam by working with a private tutor or enrolling in an online Philadelphia Series 7 exam prep course. Let's look at how these options can help.

What concepts will be covered during Philadelphia Series 7 exam prep?

There are two types of exam prep you can choose from when studying for the Series 7: online classes and private tutoring. The right method of instruction depends largely on your goals and preferred learning style. With that said, both programs are designed to help people better develop an understanding of the material covered on the Series 7. As such, you can expect for classes and private instruction to cover the same material. Key concepts like regulations, retirement plans, mutual funds, and other topics related to stockbroking are reviewed in these programs.

One of the biggest challenges people face when taking the Series 7 has nothing to do with understanding the content, but rather feeling comfortable with the test itself. The exam is a multiple-choice assessment that consists of 125 questions, which you'll have 225 minutes to complete. It's common for a lot of people to feel overwhelmed when taking the exam due to the sheer complexity of the assessment. This is especially true for people who're not familiar with or comfortable with standardized tests. Fortunately, you can sharpen your test-taking skills while studying in a Series 7 prep program. There, you'll learn how to improve your study habits, organizational skills, and time management skills. This can help reduce any stress associated with the test, helping you prevent a situation where you have to rush through the questions in order to answer everything.

Along with learning how to prep for standardized tests, these programs also focus on key skills you need to know as a broker. Skills like being able to evaluate customer profiles, help create investment strategies, and verify customer purchases can all be covered during exam prep.

What are the benefits of the different types of Philadelphia Series 7 exam prep?

If you're someone who enjoys following a structured curriculum, you should consider enrolling in a Philadelphia Series 7 exam prep class. These classes are online lessons conducted over our Live Learning Platform under the guidance of a professional instructor. Using smart tools like video chat and virtual whiteboards to follow along can make for an interactive learning experience. Because you're learning in a classroom environment, you also have the opportunity to engage in discussions with your peers, and even work as a collective to answer questions and solve challenging problems.

Working with a private Philadelphia Series 7 exam prep tutor is a little different. This type of instruction places you in custom-tailored one-on-one lessons that have been designed with you in mind. Perfect for focusing on key areas, private tutoring is a great way to spend extra time covering concepts that you've struggled to master. You dictate the pace of the lessons, which also means that you can completely skip over concepts you already know so that you're always using your study time effectively.

How can I get set up with Philadelphia Series 7 exam preparation?

Ready to take your studies beyond worksheets and study guides? If so, we're happy to help. Simply contact Varsity Tutors and speak with one of our educational consultants about Philadelphia Series 7 exam prep programs. They can answer any questions you have and will even help you determine which method of instruction is right for you. Once you're ready to actually get started, we'll actually enroll you in a Series 7 class or help you find a private tutor that's able to work with your busy schedule. Don't put your future on hold. Call us today and let us help you build your professional career!

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