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If you're an aspiring stockbroker and you want a little extra support for before you take the appropriate qualifying exam, Varsity Tutors can help you find the Sacramento Series 7 exam prep that works for you. The Series 7 exam is the second exam that prospective stockbrokers must take to be qualified to work in the securities field; it is also an exam that requires an individual to have a relationship with a FINRA member firm before completing the exam. Whether you're a finance student at California State University Sacramento or the University of California, brushing up on your understanding of investment risk, equity, and interactions with clients can be helpful, whether you work with an instructor one-on-one or you attend a virtual Sacramento Series 7 exam prep course. We can help you find the right method of instruction to help you move toward your goal of qualifying to work as a stockbroker.

What can I expect to see in Sacramento Series 7 exam prep?

The Series 7 exam is a multiple choice exam that features 125 questions and much of the test is about packaged securities, investment risk, taxation, retirement plans, and interactions with clients, among other securities-related topics. It is meant to determine whether an entry-level registered representative can perform the job as a general securities representative. That representative would sell corporate and municipal securities, variable annuities, direct participation programs, and other securities items.

No matter which model of instruction you choose, you'll be working under the guidance of an individual who knows the material and can help you to better understand the topics you're struggling with. You'll have regular opportunities to dive into the material as you prepare for the Series 7 exam.

How do the two Sacramento Series 7 exam preparation options work?

Depending on how you are comfortable learning, there are two options that Varsity Tutors can help you with. They can enroll you in an online Sacramento Series 7 exam prep class or help you connect with an academic coach, either online or in person, to get ready for the exam.

If you prefer one-on-one sessions, then working with a Sacramento Series 7 exam tutor is a great option. You can connect with them for sessions online using Varsity Tutors' Live Learning Platform and the Internet to connect, or you can schedule sessions in a physical location where you are comfortable, like your home or favorite library. When you work with someone in private sessions, you'll have more flexibility than you'd get in a traditional classroom setting. As they get to know you and you move through Sacramento Series 7 exam prep together, your instructor has the ability to revamp the schedules of topics that you're working on if they feel you would benefit from a change. You'll be able to move through topics like retirement and 529 plans, rights of common stockholders, and the importance of an Options Disclosure Document at the speed that works for you.

For students who work and learn better in an environment where there are other students and more energy, the Sacramento Series 7 exam prep course could be what you're looking for. To take part in these sessions, you'll sign in to the Live Learning Platform to work with the other students and your instructor on exam review. As you interact with other students, you may gain insights into the topics you're struggling with, or into time and anxiety-management. If you find that you're still struggling, or you'd like further help, you can always reach out to your instructor privately, even though you're in a Sacramento Series 7 exam prep course with other students.

How do I sign up for assistance with my Sacramento Series 7 exam preparation?

Reach out to Varsity Tutors for Sacramento Series 7 exam prep today and our representatives will help you to get started in as little as 24 hours with tutoring, or into a prep class, which starts each month. We can connect you with an online Sacramento Series 7 Exam prep class, or get you started working with a tutor well-versed in the subject matter, who can help you prepare. Our educational consultants are eager to help you find the right solution to help you prepare for your exam. They can help you determine which method of instruction works for you, or if you might benefit from combining both options. We look forward to helping you move forward and reach for your professional securities certification goals. Reach out to our educational consultants at Varsity Tutors and we'll get you started on your exam preparation path today.

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