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Varsity Tutors can help high school students who are considering college and want to take advantage of focused Omaha SAT preparation. Whether you're preparing for college this year or the transition is a year or more away, it's not uncommon for high school students in Omaha to start thinking about their path to college early. Many students at area secondary institutions such as Creighton Preparatory School and Millard North High School choose to take the SAT exam. The score you receive from this exam is an element in your path toward higher education. Admissions boards at colleges across the state and country use these scores to weigh whether they believe you'll be a good fit for their programs.

It's never a bad idea to seek support that might boost your confidence and potentially improve your understanding of the information that is contained in the sections of the SAT. We can help you find the right resources, whether you're interested in one-on-one attention from an Omaha SAT tutor or you're looking for a group-style Omaha SAT prep class.

What can I expect from Omaha SAT prep?

The SAT is a wide-ranging exam that features three sections you'll definitely take, and an optional section that you can choose to take. The mandatory sections are Reading, Writing and Literature, and Math. The scoring range for those three sections is anywhere from 400 to 1600, with a scoring range between 200 and 800 for math, and a combined score for Writing and Language and Reading that ranges between 200 and 800. The SAT Essay - the optional portion - has a scoring range between 6 and 24 points. That is a standalone score that does not figure into your composite SAT score.

In the Reading section, you'll be given just over 50 multiple choice questions to answer after you've read passages from multiple sources of information. Some will come from science, social science, the founding documents of the United States, and one passage will be based on literature. Questions in this section examine how well you determine meaning and can analyze information from science, history, and social studies, and how you use that information to draw your own conclusions about what you've read.

The Writing and Language section includes 44 questions, and you'll have 35 minutes to complete questions that look at how well you can sharpen argumentative claims, improve the precision of various passages, or answer questions about the organization and impact of a written passage. It also includes analysis of how well you can use standard English conventions, like parallel construction, comma use, and sentence structure. College admissions boards will look at your scores for the Reading section and the Writing and Language section to measure how well you can use context to determine meaning from information you've read from multiple sources. They will also make inferences on how strong your grasp of sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and other basic written skills may be.

The Math section includes 58 questions, and you'll have 80 minutes to complete the section. You'll be asked to solve some problems without using a calculator, and there are some questions in the section where a calculator use is allowed. This section covers a range of mathematical concepts, like algebra, problem-solving, and data analysis. There are also questions that examine how well you understand the structure of expressions and how you well can analyze and rewrite those expressions.

The optional SAT Essay section gives you another 50 minutes to read and analyze a passage. You'll be asked to explore examples that the author gives to support their claims and to judge the author's use of reasoning and stylistic or persuasive elements to make their position more powerful. You'll be asked to write an essay that evaluates the argument and to cite specific evidence to back up your claim. Your opinion and agreement or disagreement is not at issue here - you're only expected to assess the position the author took in the passage.

What can I expect from Omaha SAT preparation?

You can choose from two different models of academic support. You can work with a private Omaha SAT tutor for focused but flexible study, or you can get into an Omaha SAT prep class. In a class, you'll interact with students and your instructor online. You can also connect with an Omaha SAT tutor through the Live Learning Platform, which uses the Internet to bring private instruction to you.

Some students work better with one-on-one attention, and if private sessions are what you're interested in, then Varsity Tutors can set you up with an Omaha SAT tutor who is eager to help you prepare for your college entrance exam. From the very start, your academic coach can use what they learn about your academic strengths and weaknesses and learning style to create a customized study plan. That plan will have some flexibility because your private instructor can assess your learning style and the topics you're covering and identify ways to present them to you so they are easier to understand. You can work with an Omaha SAT prep tutor in person in the same location, whether that's your home or another space, or through the Live Learning Platform over the Internet.

An Omaha SAT prep class will bring you into the classroom with other students and your academic coach in real time. Your instructor will cover the sections, topics, and strategies of the SAT to help you build skills and confidence in your abilities. You don't have to be concerned about whether you're joining a session that's already happening, because we have new classes starting each week, and they can be either two-week four-week sessions.

How can I find Omaha SAT prep?

Varsity Tutors is a fabulous place to start when you're looking for Raleigh-Durham SAT preparation. Our educational consultants can help you to weigh whether one-on-one time with an academic coach or a group-style Omaha SAT prep course would be a more suitable option for you. We look forward to helping you prepare for your college entrance exams.

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