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If you've been thinking about taking the CLEP College Composition exam, Varsity Tutors can help you find the CLEP College Composition course that's perfect for your needs.

CLEP exams offer students the opportunity to earn their college degree in the most inexpensive and efficient way possible. By avoiding unnecessary time spent reviewing old material, you could move directly to new material that will challenge you and move you closer to your diploma and future career.

Whether you are interested in taking a CLEP College Composition class as a student who recently graduated high school, or as a lifelong learner with years of real world writing experience, a CLEP College Composition prep class can help you more fully prepare to do your best on the composition portion of your CLEP exam.

CLEP College Composition courses review the same type of information covered in a first year college composition course at a university for a fraction of the time and cost. These exams are specially designed for those students who already have a firm understanding of the material, either through previous study or life experience, and who don't want to waste valuable academic time slogging through the same material for an entire semester.

But what about those students who aren't quite sure about a few specific areas? CLEP College Composition prep classes can help fill in those gaps quickly without requiring a full semester of college work and hours each week spent in a composition class. Curious about exactly what is covered in the exam? Check out the table below:

Topics % of Test
Conventions of Standard Written English 10%
Revision Skills 40%
Ability to Use Source Materials 25%
Rhetorical Analysis 25%

CLEP College Composition classes help prepare you for taking both the multiple-choice and the timed essay portions of the exam. Topics covered in a CLEP College Composition prep course can included writing conventions, revision skills, rhetorical analysis, and the use of source materials. If you only need to cover one area of the topics, the instructor in your CLEP College Composition prep courses can help target the material to your specific academic needs.

The topics themselves are comprised of a larger variety of skills, including recognizing and utilizing proper sentence boundaries, active and passive voice, punctuation, organization, tone, evaluation of evidence and sources, and much more. For a detailed list of skills covered in the CLEP composition exam, please review the following table:

Topics (Non-Comprehensive)

  • Syntax (parallelism, coordination, subordination)
  • Sentence boundaries (comma splices, run-ons, sentence fragments)
  • Recognition of correct sentences
  • Diction
  • Modifiers
  • Idiom
  • Organization
  • Evaluation of evidence
  • Awareness of audience, tone, and purpose
  • Use of reference materials
  • Evaluation of sources
  • Appeals
  • Tone

By taking a CLEP College Composition course you will be able to focus on the exact skills you need to move forward in your academic career, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whether you need a refresher in the academic material covered by the CLEP composition exam or want a little practice to prepare for the standardized testing environment, a supportive learning environment can help.

Time is your most valuable resource, don't waste it by taking months of classes you don't need when a simple review could be sufficient. If you're considering taking the CLEP composition exam, Varsity Tutors can help you find the CLEP College Composition class that is right for your academic needs and schedule. Contact Varsity Tutors today to take the first step in preparing for your upcoming exam.

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