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Varsity Tutors provides Madison PHR certification training to professionals who are seeking to move forward in their human resources career. The PHR, or Professional in Human Resources, certification is designed to establish your mastery of both the technical and operational facets of human resources management. It also demonstrates your knowledge of U.S. laws and regulations for the industry. If you're planning to take this certification exam, allow us to place you in a course that can help you prepare.

When we sign you up for a Madison PHR certification course, we've already done the work of vetting and interviewing the instructor. They have the qualifications and communication skills necessary to work with people like you to prepare for the PHR. The course is conducted online using our Live Learning Platform, which you can sign into from anywhere you have Internet access. Avoiding the commute is one of the most attractive benefits of signing up with a PHR course provided by Varsity Tutors.

Once you've entered the virtual classroom, you'll have access to your expert instructor and you can interact with the other students whenever you like. This may be during group activities developed by your instructor to help you with content or techniques to better take the test, or it may be during classroom discussions. If you have a question following the teacher's lecture component, you can ask it and potentially spark a discussion where you not only benefit from the instructor's knowledge but from the ideas and knowledge of the other HR professionals in the class.

One of the ways your Madison PHR certification class instructor can help you prepare is by showing and describing the PHR test's structure and format. For example, there are 25 pretest questions followed by 150 scored multiple-choice questions. Certification exams are standardized, computer-based tests which may differ in some ways from the tests you took at the University of Wisconsin – Madison or another school where you earned your degree. Part of being prepared for the exam, then, is knowing what to expect. This can also help reduce test anxiety if that's something you suffer from.

A common way of getting you used to the test format and also teaching test-taking techniques is for your instructor to provide practice test sections. Since you're given 3 hours to take the entire exam, you probably wouldn't get full practice tests, but a carefully chosen set of questions that simulate those that you'll face on test day could go a long way towards familiarizing yourself thoroughly with the exam.

From the practice sections, a few different things can be discovered. First, you can see if you're answering questions at a pace conducive to completing all the exam questions within the time allotted. Second, you can see if there are certain types of questions or certain topics that are more challenging to you than others. You may notice other difficulties as well, and your class can discuss and find solutions to all of them.

If time management is something you need help with, you can request that from your instructor. In fact, that's the kind of question that could lead to class discussions. Your instructor and classmates can offer strategies on how to increase your pace within sacrificing accuracy, and you can find one or two that work well for you. You may even be able to give tips to your peers.

Getting signed up for a PHR class is easy. Simply contact Varsity Tutors and our educational consultants can set you up with a Madison PHR certification training class that meets at a convenient time for you. Since new 2- and 4-week class sections begin monthly, you'll never have to wait long for your class to begin.

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