Naturalization Act of 1795

Appearing in Folwell's "Laws of the U.S," printed in 1796

The Naturalization Act of 1795

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During the 1790's many in the U.S. were concerned that the growth in the number of political refugees, particularly those men and women driven out by the revolution in France, might prove inimical to American liberty.Even though America has been and remains today a nation of immigrants, its citizens have viewed immigrants with a certain apprehension. As such, the process of immigration itself has been a problem for the country's leadership.

Alarmed by the influx of so many immigrants, Congress on January 29, 1795 modified the Act of 1790, raising the period of residence from two years to five years before a person could be naturalized.

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Naturalization Act of 1795

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Naturalization Act of 1795

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Naturalization Act 1795

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