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Varsity Prep can help you get ready to take the CBEST with private CBEST test prep assistance. You may be preparing to take the CBEST if you plan on becoming a public school teacher in Oregon or California. The exam offers a chance to earn credits towards teaching credentials in these states. CBEST prep from Varsity Prep provides an in-depth yet customizable way to prepare for this important exam. If you're interested in taking a CBEST class, consider contacting us today. Or, read on to learn more about how a CBEST course can enhance the quality of your test preparation experience.

The CBEST has three sections that feature questions on Reading, Math, and Writing, respectively. There is some flexibility in how you take your exam, as you can take one, two, or three sections of the CBEST in one sitting. You can also choose between taking the test in a traditional paper-based format or on a computer. CBEST prep can help you prepare for your upcoming exam no matter which way you decide to take it. Below, you'll find information on how the exam's Writing section is graded:

CBEST Writing Score Scale

  • Rhetorical Force
  • Organization
  • Support and Development
  • Usage
  • Structure and conventions
  • Appropriateness

When you sign up for CBEST test prep with Varsity Tutors, you'll start working with your instructor in a one-on-one learning environment. That means your CBEST tutoring sessions can focus on whatever you need the most help with. If you'd like extra help with CBEST preparation for the exam's Writing section, you can easily get that help from your educator. There is no predetermined syllabus you'll need to follow when you sign up for CBEST test preparation guidance with Varsity Tutors. This is one of the reasons why CBEST tutors can be such a valuable addition to your study plan. CBEST courses offer a level of customization in the learning process that is difficult to replicate through other test preparation options.

Here's a breakdown of how much each section of the CBEST will contribute to your final score:

Test Percentages

Topic Percentage
Reading 40%
Mathematics 40%
Writing sections 20%

As stated above, CBEST classes offer personalized help with whichever part of the exam you want to spend the most time studying. However, CBEST prep also can help you develop better test-taking strategies. Your tutor can work with you on your time-management skills and can teach you relaxation techniques to reduce the test-day anxiety that is common when taking an important exam like the CBEST. CBEST test prep, therefore, has the potential to help you feel calmer and more collected while taking your test. This benefit may be especially impactful for you if you've ever experienced nerves while taking an exam in the past.

If you think you would benefit from having an expert's guidance during your CBEST test prep process, then consider contacting Varsity Tutors. The CBEST is an important exam that may influence how soon you're able to begin your teaching career. That's why having a strong study plan for the test is vital. CBEST prep from Varsity Tutors can help you build a better study plan through a series of individualized learning sessions. Contact us today to get started.

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