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If you want to become a counselor one day, and you have a test coming up, you can probably benefit with a Varsity Tutors CPCE prep program. The Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Exam, or CPCE, is a test that assesses your counseling-related acumen. The exam is made for those who finished their graduate-level coursework, grounded in a counseling curriculum. Do you feel that a CPCE test prep program can help you? Please contact a representative to learn more about our CPCE tutoring services.

The CPCE analyzes the strengths of a counseling curriculum and then searches for ways to improve them. It also prepares students for the NCE (National Counselor Examination for Licensure and Certification). The CPCE contains eight specialties, each with 20 questions. The interesting aspect about this test is that only 17 questions in each set of 20 counts towards your score. The remaining three in each section don't receive a score because they're used for statistical reasons. Nevertheless, you have to study hard for all the questions because you won't know which questions are unscored. Below are the benefits you gain from the CPCE:


  • Provides a master's program comprehensive exam that meets high psychometric standards.
  • Gives programs an objective view of the knowledge level of their students.
  • Allows programs to examine student functioning in various curricular areas.
  • Promotes longitudinal self-study.
  • Compares a program's results to national data.
  • Stimulates student integration of knowledge learned in separate courses.
  • Gives students comparative strength and weakness feedback.

CPCE tutors can help you adopt excellent study skills, as well as build confidence. These CPCE test preparation instructors are fluent in concepts related to helping relations and ethics. Therefore, you can ask questions or discuss anything at length with them.

With a CPCE class, you can learn how to remain on task. If you have a tendency to procrastinate, a CPCE course tutor can assist you in focusing on your studies by offering time management tips. A CPCE preparation program can also let you engage in sessions that appeal to your individual learning style. For example, if you take in information better by looking at something, a CPCE prep instructor can show you books or graphs to try to help you understand something more clearly. CPCE test prep can even help you get your questions answered more quickly. Unlike a typical classroom, CPCE classes take place in one-on-one environments, making it simpler for a tutor to focus their attention on meeting your needs. These CPCE courses do an excellent job providing attentive instruction for students.

It's essential for you to know what to expect on the CPCE ahead of time in order to do well. Here's a sample of questions you would get on the test:

Practice Questions:

  • The sensorimotor period is part of whose developmental stage theory?
    • Freud
    • Piaget
    • Eriksson
    • Kohlberg
  • All of these are characteristics of test reliability EXCEPT:
    • Stability
    • Equivalence
    • Internal consistency
    • Predictive

You can review questions like those above by asking a CPCE test prep tutor to create a practice exam for you. Then, you can ask them to time you as you complete the answers. Feel free to request drills or flashcards if you prefer those methods.

By signing up for a CPCE prep program, you can gain skills that would benefit you through any other educational paths you may take. Additionally, you can use those skills to assist those you may counsel in the future. Want to know more about our CPCE test prep services? Please reach out to Varsity Tutors, and a representative can help you sign up for a CPCE prep option.

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