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A CLEP Spanish course is a great way to determine exactly what concepts you need to re-examine before you take the CLEP Spanish exam if you're hoping to score high enough to not have to take a Spanish class in college. No matter how you learned Spanish, the CLEP exam covers two years of concepts, and Varsity Tutors can help you to refine your knowledge before you sit for the test. Many Spanish CLEP courses exist, but if you contact Varsity Tutors, you'll have 1:1 instruction with someone who knows how to help you focus and who knows how to help you approach parts of the language you might struggle with.

There is a lot of information in the exam, and a CLEP Spanish class through Varsity Tutors can help you to prepare for the comprehensive exam. The CLEP exam is 121 questions in three different sections. That means that you'll have to focus, whether you're in the listening sections or the reading portion of the exam. The overall breakdown of the Spanish exam is listed below:

Topics % of Test # Questions


Section I Listening: Rejoinders 15% 121 90 Minutes
Section II Listening: Dialogues and Narratives 25%
Section III Reading 60%

A CLEP Spanish course from Varsity Tutors can drill down on the section you struggle with most, whether it's listening rejoinders, dialogues and narratives, or reading comprehension. The following section explains everything you can expect to see in the CLEP Spanish exam, and that knowledge can help you in a CLEP Spanish prep course. There are multiple sections of the exam that focus on listening, and these move quickly. Engaging in a CLEP Spanish prep class with an instructor who understands how quickly these sections go can help you to the sections described below:

Topics (Non-Comprehensive)

  • Section I Listening: Rejoinders
    • Listening comprehension through short oral exchanges. Choose the response that most logically continues or completes each conversation. You'll have 10 seconds to choose your response before the next conversation begins.
  • Section II Listening: Dialogues and Narratives
    • Listening comprehension through longer spoken selections. You'll hear a series of selections, such as dialogues, announcements, and narratives. Each audio selection is accompanied by a graphic or picture and is followed by one or more questions.
    • The questions have various formats. Some questions offer four possible responses, each with an oval to click to indicate your answer. Other questions ask you to select part of a graphic, fill out a table, or put a list in the correct order. For some of these questions, you'll have to click in more than one place to complete your response. Be sure to follow the specific directions for each question.
  • Section III Reading
    • 16% Part A: Discrete sentences (vocabulary and structure)
    • 20% Part B: Short cloze passages (vocabulary and structure)
    • 24% Part C: Reading passages and authentic stimulus materials (reading comprehension)

Often, CLEP Spanish prep classes are designed for groups. That's where our program is different. When you're matched with a tutor for your CLEP Spanish prep course, you'll be able to relax as you study because you won't have to worry about holding others back if you're struggling to recall a specific concept.

The entire CLEP Spanish exam is approximately 90 minutes and includes information ranging from vocabulary to grammar. It tests students across several of the areas where a command of the Spanish language can be demonstrated. The reading section is allotted 60 minutes, while the listening comprehension sections take up the first 30 minutes of the exam.

Connecting with a Spanish tutor with the help of Varsity Tutors is a great way to supplement and bring clarity to what you know and understand about the Spanish language. Our instructors approach CLEP Spanish Prep courses in ways that are different than group-style study. They can focus on you and the information you need to focus on the most before your big exam. This 1:1 attention can help you to feel calm and confident as you reach for your goal of testing out of a college-level Spanish course.

Reach out to Varsity Tutors today so we can connect you with a tutor who knows the challenges of learning a foreign language.

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