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As you pursue a job as a supervisory analyst, a Series 16 course from Varsity Tutors can help you make the most of your time preparing. A Series 16 course is devoted to both your needs and the demands of the exam. In a Series 16 class, you receive resources and attentive instruction based around your particular needs.

The Series 16 exam, also known as the Supervisory Analyst Qualification Examination, measures the ability of an entry-level supervisory analyst to perform their job. The exam is intended as a safeguard for public investing. As you prepare, Series 16 courses can help you develop an understanding of the content and layout of the exam. Below is a table describing the layout of the Series 16 exam:

Series 16 Section # Questions Time Allowed Passing Score
Part 1 50 90 Minutes 72%
Part 2 50 2 Hours 74%

All Series 16 courses take place on our Live Learning Platform. You are able to attend from anywhere with an internet connection. When you register for a Series 16 course, we will connect you to a tutor who fits your availability.

Series 16 classes are one-on-one learning environments that are based around the needs of the student. Because you work alone with the instructor for your Series 16 prep course, your learning goals dictate how you spend your time. In a Series 16 Prep class, you are able to learn in ways that fit your learning style. By focusing your learning according to your learning style, Series 16 prep courses help you to retain information better. As the only person in your 16 prep class, you don't have to spend time learning material that is already familiar to you, but rather you can spend your time on material that is most important for you to improve. Below is a list of exam topics that you can work through with your Series 16 class instructor:

Series 16 Exam Topics (non-comprehensive)

  • FINRA Rules
    • Rule 1210 - Registration Requirements
    • Rule 2010 - Standards of Commercial Honor and Principles of Trade
    • Rule 2210 - Communications with the Public
    • etc.
  • NYSE Rules
    • Rule 342(b)(1) - Offices - Approval, Supervision, and Control
    • Rule 344 - Research Analysts and Supervisory Analysts
    • Rule 435(5) - Miscellaneous Prohibitions-Circulation of Rumors
    • etc.
  • Securities Act of 1933
    • Section 5(b)(1)(2) - Prospectus Requirements--delivery of prospectus for new issues
    • Section 12 - Civil liabilities Arising in Connection with Prospectuses and Communications
    • Rule 134 - Communications not Deemed a Prospectus
    • etc.
  • Securities Exchange Act of 1934
    • Section 9 - Manipulation of Security Prices
    • Rule 10b-3 - Employment of Manipulative and Deceptive Devices (by brokers or dealers)
    • Rule 17a-4 - Records to Be Preserved by Certain Exchange Members, Brokers and Dealers
    • etc.
  • Regulation M
    • Rule 101(b)(1) - Activities by Distribution Participant: Research
    • Rule 101(c)(1) - Activities by Distribution Participant: Excepted Securities
  • Regulation FD - Selective Disclosure and Insider Trading (Fair Disclosure)
  • Principles and Construction of Accounting Statements
  • Financial Analysis of Accounting Statements
  • Macroeconomics: Aggregate Analysis
  • Monetary Policy and International Economics
  • Bond Instruments and Analysis
  • Company Valuation
  • Analysis of packaged securities
  • Analysis of the equities markets
  • Dividend payout ratio
  • EPS (earnings per share)
  • Net profit margin
  • Return on equity
  • Return on invested capital

During Series 16 courses, you are able to spend time developing an effective study plan. As you work with the instructor for your Series 16 prep class, you can look at your goals and then break up your time and sessions into manageable chunks to help you pursue your goal in an organized fashion. Beyond organizing your time during your sessions, developing an effective study plan can help you build confidence as you approach the exam. Additionally, the study skills you learn in a Series 16 prep class can benefit you when you prepare for other certification exams.

As you progress through your Series 16 class, you and your instructor are also able to focus on test-taking strategies. These test-taking strategies can be specifically designed for the needs of the Series 16 exam, and they can help you maximize your time while taking the exam. The confidence you gain from these test-taking skills can also be a great benefit to your testing experience.

Whether you are hoping to advance within your current career, or open new career doors, a Series 16 prep course from Varsity Tutors can help you prepare for this exam. The effective instruction, robust materials, and flexibility of Series 16 prep classes can help you prepare as well as possible. If you are interested in registering, contact an Educational Consultant online or over the phone.

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