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It can sometimes be difficult to find effective Hawaii Bar exam training, but Varsity Tutors can set you up with a personal instructor that you can rely on. We'll match you to a private tutor who has gone through a vetting and interview process to ensure they have a full understanding of the legal concepts that can appear on the Hawaii bar exam. Compared to studying alone, studying in a one-on-one setting with an expert has notable advantages. If you'd like to find out more about these benefits and how a personal instructor can help you study effectively, continue reading.

What is on the Hawaii bar exam?

If you want to practice law in Hawaii, you'll need to pass the bar exam. Each state has its own requirements for those who wish to take the bar exam, and Hawaii is no different. You can approach this exam as a graduate from a non-ABA-approved law school - even if you attended law school in a foreign country. If you are approaching the Hawaii bar exam as a foreign law graduate, you'll need to have practiced law professionally within your foreign jurisdiction before you take the test. Your legal education also needs to have been completed in English common law.

Each state also has an agency that is responsible for administering the bar, and the format of the bar can vary from state to state. Hawaii is relatively uncommon because it uses all of the tests included in the UBE (Uniform Bar Examination), and yet it has not officially adopted the UBE as its format. This is for purposes of reciprocity, and it's also because Hawaii uses its own ethics exam independent of the MPRE (the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam). That being said, the state of Hawaii still requires you to complete the MPRE exam in addition to their own ethics exam. Like states that have adopted the UBE, Hawaii includes the MBE, MEE, and MPT in its bar tests. The full bar exam can take up to three days to complete.

Otherwise known as the Multistate Bar Examination, the MBE consists of 200 multiple-choice questions that focus on topics related to common law and the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). You'll typically complete this exam in separate morning and afternoon sessions, with a 3-hour time limit for each half. We can find you a Hawaii bar exam coach who can help you develop time-management techniques so that you can stay within the time limits of the MBE. You can work with your tutor to figure out exactly how many minutes you should be spending on each question. With this information, it's easier to know when to skip questions that are taking too long.

As the name suggests, the Multistate Essay Examination (MEE) is the essay-focused component of the Hawaii bar exam. This section requires you to complete six essay questions. These questions can focus on a wide range of different legal concepts, including family law, contracts, and evidence. With the Hawaii bar exam training we find for you, it can become easier to gain a solid grasp of these concepts so that you're better able to write lengthy, detailed essays. We can set you up with Hawaii bar exam tutoring that can provide you with opportunities to write practice essays so that you can hone your writing skills.

The MPT, or Multistate Performance Test, is unlike the other bar tests you'll face because it focuses on applied, hands-on skills. This test involves completing work-related tasks that a professional lawyer might be asked to carry out in their day-to-day career. Examples of these tasks include drafting a complaint, writing a legal memo, or writing up a contract. The MPT consists of two of these tasks, with a time limit of 90 minutes for each one. With the Hawaii bar exam tutors we find for you, you can have plenty of opportunities to practice these skills in a simulated exam setting.

The Hawaii bar exam also includes Hawaii's own ethics exam known as the Hawaii Legal Ethics Examination. This exam consists of just 15 multiple choice questions, and it covers topics related to the Hawaii Professional Rules of Conduct (HRPC). Questions can test your knowledge of concepts like pro bono service, advertising, and misconduct. With a personal instructor, you can ask as many questions as you'd like on these topics until you feel confident in your knowledge of the concepts surrounding the HRPC.

In addition, you'll also be asked to complete the MRPE as part of the Hawaii bar exam. This standardized ethics test covers topics related to the professional conduct of lawyers, and may include questions related to contempt, privilege, and disqualification. These ethical concepts can often be challenging to fully understand, and we can find you Hawaii bar exam tutors who can use numerous types of explanations until they find an approach that makes sense for you.

The Hawaii bar exam will cost you $500 to take, with an additional fee of $500 each time you need to retake the exam. There is an additional NCBE report fee required, as well as an additional fee for the software to take the test on your laptop. If you choose an effective educational resource like the Hawaii bar exam tutoring we can find for you, a private instructor can help you focus on the areas that can help you maximize your potential on exam day.

How can Hawaii bar exam tutors help me study for my test?

Since there are no other students except for you in your one-on-one sessions, you can steer your education in directions that are important for you to explore. We can match you with Hawaii bar exam tutors who can help you focus on topics that are giving you trouble instead of spending excessive time covering topics you're already comfortable with, like torts. You can also speed up or slow down the pace of your learning based on your comfort levels. A slower-paced environment can help you absorb key information related to topics like constitutional law in a more effective manner.

With private tutoring, you can also enjoy a study environment that is customized to your learning style. When your instructor chooses methods that help you process information in a more efficient way, your study sessions can become more productive. Visual techniques such as flashcards and graphs can be effective for visual learners who are tackling topics like civil procedure, while verbal learners can benefit from discussing topics like jury verdicts at length with their instructors. Your personal instructor can also create interactive activities for you to complete if you're a hands-on learner who wants to study topics like post-trial motions in an effective manner.

How can I fit sessions with Hawaii bar exam tutors in with my busy schedule?

We take steps to ensure you're being matched to Hawaii bar exam tutoring that can fit with your busy work or school schedule. Depending on your preferences, we can match you with either online or in-person sessions. Online sessions are especially flexible and convenient because you can access them from any location with an internet connection. You can also take advantage of the features offered by our Live Learning platform in this virtual setting. With video chat, you can feel like you're in the same room with your instructor as you discuss various topics. If your tutor needs to illustrate key points in a visual manner, they can do so with a virtual whiteboard. Our Live Learning Platform also provides you with a saved library of lessons you've completed in the past. Rewatching these lessons can be a helpful way to study for your exam without meeting with your instructor and engaging in one-on-one sessions.

How can I find a Hawaii bar exam coach as soon as possible?

If you're looking for an effective way to study for the bar, it's closer than you think. Contact Varsity Tutors today, speak with our helpful educational consultants, and we can find you Hawaii bar exam trainers in as little as 24 hours.

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