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Throughout high school and college I've had the opportunity to tutor children of all ages and academic capabilities, ranging from kindergarten to college students. I graduated with a BA in English from Boston University Summa Cum Laude, where I also earned a place in the top 5% of my major. Writing is my passion, and I am eager to help every student improve his or her essay writing abilities. No matter what subject a student is interested in, the ability to write with clarity and logic is absolutely central to success. Each student also learns differently, and with the right teacher a student can learn in a manner that addresses individual needs. In addition to effective writing, I believe that developing individualized study skills, learning how to manage time and material, and maintaining an organized system of study is vital to succeeding in school. Even if a student is enthusiastic about his or her World History class, without the necessary study skills and an organized backpack of materials, things can quickly fall apart! The years we spend learning in school are the foundation of our careers and the rest of our lives; whether it be an issue with verbal, writing, test, or study skills, improving them with the help of a tutor will not only help the student succeed now, but will also generate success in the future.

Undergraduate Degree:

Boston University - Bachelor in Arts, English

Reading, writing short stories and poetry, cooking, traveling, volunteering with animals


College Business

College English

Comparative Literature

Elementary School Math

Executive Functioning

High School Business

High School English


Study Skills

Study Skills and Organization