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I am currently a student at the Colorado School of Mines, where I am pursuing my PhD in Mineral and Energy Economics. I am a graduate of the Economics program at Youngstown State University where I earned my Master of Arts. Also, I am a graduate of the Geology program at the University of Akron, where I earned my Master of Science. I was employed as a teaching assistant during my studies at these schools, and tutored many of the students in the lab sections I taught. I am capable of tutoring in a wide variety of fields, but I love and am best at teaching Economics and Earth Science. I usually try to find my student's strengths, weaknesses, and interests so that I can find a good way to explain the material we are covering, and connect that material to something the student likes and is interested in. When I am not busy being a student or tutor, I like to go hiking (Colorado is much better to hike in than Ohio!), skiing (Ditto for Skiing!), or whatever outdoor activity the climate will permit. When the weather is less cooperative, I usually read books and articles in one of the many subjects I am interested in.

Undergraduate Degree:

Youngstown State University - Bachelors, Geology, Economics

Graduate Degree:

Youngstown State University, University of Akron - Masters, Economics, Geology

Hiking, Skiing, Boating, Reading


Civil and Environmental Engineering

College Business

College Economics

High School Business

High School Economics