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Taking the Series 7 exam might seem like a daunting prospect, but Varsity Tutors can help by offering a Buffalo Series 7 exam prep course. If you employ the right study techniques and strategies, it could provide you with a sense of confidence as you approach this exam. Upon passing the Series 7 exam, you'll be one step closer to becoming a fully licensed stockbroker in the United States. This is an important step in your career, so it makes sense to take your studying seriously. To take this exam, you need to pass the SIE as a prerequisite. Although the two exams cover some similar material, the Series 7 will test your knowledge of challenging concepts that are unique to the exam. The Series 7 exam attracts all kinds of different individuals, and you might be coming from several different educational and professional backgrounds. Perhaps you're a student at the University of Tulsa or Oral Roberts University. Maybe you've taken courses which have helped prepare you for a career as a stockbroker, and you see the Series 7 as the logical next step on this path. Or perhaps you're a working professional or entrepreneur who wants to take on a new career with new possibilities. Regardless of where you're coming from, a prep course can help you prepare for the challenges you'll face on the Series 7 exam.

What Might A Tulsa Series 7 Exam Course Help Me Learn?

A Tulsa Series 7 exam course can cover a wide range of different topics and concepts. Your instructor may give you an in-depth explanation of how the Series 7 exam works, and how it's structured. This is a multiple choice exam with 125 questions. You'll have just over four hours to complete the exam, which equates to about two minutes per question. Speed and efficiency are both important factors here, and you'll need to keep both in mind for a passing score of at least 72%. Your instructor can help you develop and practice various skills and strategies for timed, multiple choice exams of this nature. For example, it might help to keep track of how long each question is taking. If you're falling behind on the time limit for each question, you may want to skip questions that are taking too long. These are only a few examples of how your instructor might help you make the most of your time limit, and reach for your full potential on the Series 7 exam.

Each question falls under one of four basic categories. These categories are based on four basic skills that a stockbroker needs to carry out their role in a professional environment. These include seeking business for the broker-dealer, opening accounts for the customer, providing customers with information, and completing transactions. Of all these skills, "providing information to the customer" makes up the vast majority of the questions you'll face on this exam. 73 percent of all questions are based around this skill, so it makes sense to cover this section in depth. Your instructor might help you cover all the concepts involved in each basic skill, including making recommendations for future investments.

There is a wide range of other basic skills your Tulsa Series 7 exam course might also review, including margin issues, retirement plans, EFTs, mutual funds, taxation, and much more.

How Might A Tulsa Series 7 Exam Course Help You Study?

When you join a Tulsa Series 7 exam course, you'll learn alongside other students in a virtual classroom setting. Expert, highly qualified instructors will guide you along the way, and you can expect plenty of insightful class discussions and group activities. The collaborative nature of this approach has proven to be quite advantageous to past students, and you might find that it works well with your unique learning style. These courses are highly interactive, and you can ask plenty of questions along the way. Other students will do the same, and you might find that they raise interesting points, and ask poignant questions.

How Do I Enroll For A Tulsa Series 7 Exam Class?

With so many flexible scheduling options, signing up for your Tulsa Series 7 exam class is easy. Even if you're a working professional or a busy student, you can still choose from night classes, weekend classes, or even classes during your lunch break. New classes start up every single week, and you can choose between two and four-week classes. Study hard, and you won't regret it. Choose a Tulsa Series 7 exam class, and contact Varsity Tutors today for more information on how to get started.

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